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August 27, 2012

Creo Design Chebaka 4" Vinyl Toy Preorder

Available for preorder now are these 4" Chebaka Vinyl Toys from Creo Design Shop.  Chebaka is the 'First Russian Designer Toy' by IToyz and Creo Design. Standing 4'' tall Chebaka comes in 5 colourways each possesing a unique power to the owner. When they work together as a unit their super powers are limitless! Chebaka comes in the following colours/powers and each packaged in a super cool box.

Navy - Navy Chebaka Controls Water
Purple - The Almighty Chebaka will grant you any wish!
Yellow - Happy Chebaka brings you happiness
Green - Lucky Chebaka brings luck into your life just like that fortune cookie said it would
Cyan - Cool Chebaka makes things cool like Fonzie
Each design is limited to 100 pieces world wide, making these very collectible. You can pre-order these now at Creo Design Shop before they go on sale September 5th. 

Hit the jump for more pictures.

Kid Hell Pilot custom Mascot by El Hooligan

EL HOOLIGAN did an amazing job on this custom Mascot. Love the details and his expression is really great. Love the psycho look of this guy, the wings are a perfect touch to this piece. Have to say another epic Mascot!

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Cosmic Strike Corps custom Mini Munnys by Phu

Phu made these 4 inch Munny's for the upcomming STGCC.

The Cosmic Strike Corps (CSC) is a legion of elite recon in the Interstar Grand Army.
Their light armored gear is designed to give maximum movement and flexibility
in combat. Their most essential equipments include dart guns, rayguns, missile blasters
and portable power units. As a result, the Cosmic Strike Corps receive special training
in order to become efficient survivalists to aid in their military role.

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Rampage Toys Update!

Rainbow Hair Ugly Unicorn

John from Rampage Toys has been BUSY.  Like international terminal at JFK busy.  San Diego Comic-Con.  Wonderfestival in Japan.  Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention.  Prep for NYCC. It is no wonder that he hasn't had time to blog!

Thankfully, John took a few minutes while he is stateside to let everyone know what he has been working on.  Here's some pics:

Cyclops Dinos

Manotaur (with Imps and Monsters)

Painted Frenzy barbarians

Painted Kikkake animals

And speaking of New York Comic Con...Rampage Toys will have its very own full glass case on display at the Tenacious Toys Booth #3121 so be sure to head down and check it out!

More from Rampage Toys blog, Flickr, and his store.

- Ahren