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August 22, 2012

The Axolabbits by Haus Of Boz

A new series from Haus Of Boz! This is a set of 4 Labbits (4 inch) by Haus Of Boz. Really love all the colors! Buy them here:

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Wonkabot & Umpa Dunpa by Ian Ziobrowski

One of the most amazing custom Mascots I have ever seen. Just speechless! Ian Ziobrowski (Nugglife) did a hell of a job on this set.
Ian Ziobrowski:
Here's my new commission "Wonkabot & Umpa Dunpa", which are custom 7 inch Kidrobot Mascot, and 3 inch Dunny.  With the inspiration provided by the client, we came up with a concept that expresses the evil side of Willy Wonka.  Growing up hes always creeped me out, with his fluctuating personalities.  Everything about him from the ongoing trickery to the weird stares of evil, it would always make me wonder what kind of person he really was. After going back an forth, and really studying his personality, I finally came up with a sketch. Here's my Evil Wonkabot, next time your at the candy store just remember those little sweet bags of evil can be mind blowing!  

Just epic!

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      - Don P 

UGLY Gallery show "Destroy You, New Bedford"

UGLY Gallery in New Bedford, MA is currently displaying "Destroy You, New Bedford", a collection of work by Ryan Maguire and MCA of Evil Design (he did the Toy2R Evil Ape).

From Evil Design's blog:
Destroy You began in 2005 at the Orchard Street Art Gallery located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In 2008 Destroy You, Boston was hosted by gallery Space242.
Now in 2012, we are proud to announce Destroy You New Bedford, a collection of life work made by artists MCA and Ryan Maguire, will be on exhibit at UGLYfrom August 9 – September 8, 2012

Android custom figures by Super Sandbagger

We see more and more Androids these days. Here the ones from Super Sandbagger.

My personal favorite...

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     - Don P 

Arts Unknown Update: Doktor A Bella

We recently blogged about the Arts Unknown release including some prototypes of Doktor A's Bella,  well now we have some pics of the finished colorways and well as you can see they look fantastic.

Standing at 8” tall and with a retail of $100, each piece has a run of 350 pieces, including a one in six chase colorway and a members-only colorway.

I'm a huge Doktor A fan so to see a finished colorway and to see it done so well is exciting, I just hope the level of detail and quality can be kept up across the whole release. And for people wondering: the bloody colorway of Bella is not just plain white - half the parts are matte white and the other half are gloss white.

Venom Tequila custom by Fuller

Fuller is working hard on his commission list.......awesome!

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Scavenger Resin figure by Acolorfulmonster

Acolorfulmonster (a.k.a. John Connor) has released a resin figure called "Scavenger" in five colorways.  Cost is $35 each, 4.5" tall, bagged with header card.



I spent a bit of time poking around his site and in addition to figures, there are some really killer paintingscollages, and drawings!  This one is my personal fave, the Phantom Kook:

- Ahren

Bad Lollipop custom by JFury

Another amazing Mascot clown by JFury. Who would like to have some candy?

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     - Don P 

Art Wars at Kidrobot NY *EXCLUSIVE PICS*

Kidrobot NY will be hosting ART WARS: A New Hope on October 11th, 2012 from 6:00 - 10:00 PM.  (For those keeping track, that is the first night of New York Comic Con.)

Scott Kinnebrew and Jason Chalker are serving up an evening of Star Wars themed customs and 2D art.  The Tenacious Toys Blogging Crew had to shut down the trash compactors on the detention level and pay a pretty penny to a certain Mandalorian but we managed to get exclusive shots of a few of the customs AND the information that there will be TRADING CARDS!

Admiral Ackbar and Hammerhead customs by Jason Chalker.

Ponda Baba and Wampa customs by Scott Kinnebrew.

- Ahren

Dweezil by Kronk x Kidrobot

Kronk's newest piece drops August 23 and will run you $350, but this top hat sporting, horn throwing, hookah smoking dragon is worth every bit. Available in both regular (black and white) and Red editions, each is limited to only 300 pieces.

Red and White Colorway
Black and Blue Colorway

Bone Heads resin pieces by JFury

JFury is busy with making his own resin Bone Heads. They are available for only $15.00 in his shop!

Bone Head Burnt, 2 inch

 Bone Head JuJu blue, 2 inch

 Bone Head Clown Puke, 2 inch

You can also contact him for a Boner (In Pajamas, this version), a 3 inch Dunny with a Bone Head.

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      - Don P