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August 20, 2012

Tosco: The Alpha Series now on Kickstarter

A new fundraiser is up and running for a new DIY vinyl project by Yahid Rodriguez called Tosco: The Alpha series. Donating $25 scores you a white 9 inch Tosco for your custom designs. At the $50 level you can secure one of four (so far) designs by Yahid Rodriguez, Mimic, Bytedust and Sket One. In addition five more artist designs will be released throughout the length of the project. Only 300 of each design will be made so head over to Kickstarter to donate and score these new collectibles. Hit the jump for the first four designs. 

The Emerald Time Keeper by SIMANION

His first custom Munny (7 inch)!!! Amazingly painted and a great concept.

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Dark Knight Munnys by warlock1988

A bit rough painted but this custom Dark Knight set (7 inch Munny's) looks amazing!

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   - Don P

Latest Dunny customs from Melodreama

Here are the latest Dunny customs from Melodreama.
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  - Don P

Wu-Tang logo Dunnys by Wigalicious

Wigalicious (Shawn Wigs) is working now on some 3-inch Wu Tang logo Dunnys. If you are interested in buying one (or more) just contact Shawn here!

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  - Don P

Bluebell custom Zukie by Tasha Zimich

Bluebell, Zukie
Tasha made this custom Zukie for a trade. I reckon that the new owner will be extremely happy with this one.

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Cute customs from Kingquan

Amazing custom cuteness from Kingquan. Here are some older works and the most recent one from him.

Princess Byakko (White Tiger), 8 inch Munny

Yuuka, Symbiote

Caryn, 8 inch Dunny

Cup-of-Tea Series, Marshall

Sora, 8 inch Munny (Still for sale)

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G.I. JONEZ custom by Josh Mayhem for Munky King show

Josh Mayhem made this custom for the "Memories Are Made of These" show (this past Saturday @Munky King).

Josh Mayhem:
Since the theme for this show is based on childhood memories the
first, and obvious thing that popped into my head was to create a
piece paying homage to my favorite toy growing up - G.I. Joes. In fact
I cherished my G.I. Joes so much that I still have about 200 of them
on display right along side my designer toys. It is from this
collection that you'll find weapons and accessories adorned on nearly
every custom toy I do. G.I. Jonez is decorated with 100% G.I. Joe
weapons and accessories from both the 1/16th and 4 inch versions. I
really enjoyed creating this piece because my action figures have
always been a huge inspiration for my custom toy art. I can think of
no better way of showing my respect to the art of both action figures
and designer toys by combining a Munny, one of the most popular
platform toys, and G.I. Joes, one of the most popular action figures.

Josh is open for commissions and you can contact him through his Facebook. Awesome work Josh!

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  - Don P

JC Rivera's latest Dunny customs

Here are the latest 3 inch Dunnys from JC Rivera.

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Tiny Dunny zombies by BRUSCOLINO ArtToys

Some new work again from BRUSCOLINO ArtToys.

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Batman Munny by Chakal Tois

The latest custom from Chakal Tois (AVATAR666): a 4 inch Batman Munny.

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  - Don P

Mini 10-Doh! Series 1 by Squid Kids Ink

As many of you designer toy fans will know the Blind Box genre is beginning to get a tad crowded. This affordable end of the spectrum has seen some interesting changes recently, from new platforms to the limited yet affordable Ice Scream Man Bite-Size from Brutherford Industries, it's gone from a cheap toy to something you'd actually want to seek out and add to your collection.

With all these new changes it's no surprise that the popular Squid Kids Ink 10-Doh! has been shrunk down and repackaged, Introducing Mini 10-Doh! Series 1 by Squid Kids Ink- these 3.5 inch little buddies will bring back big memories for anyone that grew up playing classic video games.

The series has16 designs from artists such as Andrew Wilson, Doktor A, Jerome Lu, Jesse Hernandez, Frank Kozik, Kwestone, Luke Chueh, Matt JOnes, Nakanari, Nate Mitchell, Scott Tolleson and Tracy Tubera. There are 4 levels of rarity, ranging from Common to Ultra Rare gold figures. This is definitely a Blind Box series you want to be checking out.