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August 16, 2012

Shadoe Delgado's Shadow-lings (semi-NSFW for art weiners)

Shadoe Delgado is a San Francisco based artist, working on an ongoing series of work called "The Shadow-lings".  His Shadow customs are based on fine art pieces which incorporate Ego, Personae, Masks, and Shadows as subject matter. The toys tend to be a little more light hearted and more colorful compared to the artist's ceramic pieces. [ed. note - Do yourself a favor and cruise through the ceramics section, there's some really intense work there!]

Pictured is the 4"  "Miniboss" (5th in the Shadow-ling series).  Unfortunately he has already sold, but you can find his companions at Delgado's shop -

From the artist:
With this piece I had a lot of fun playing around with the antlers and building up washes on the mask. I also introduced a new medium(crackle paste) and I'm really diggin' the way it looks and plan on incorporating it into future pieces. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the the piece.
Shadoe maintains a blog at

1XRUN print by Ian Ziobrowksi drops on Aug 22

21 x 16 Inches on Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper
Dropping on the 1XRUN site here on August 22nd is this 21 x 16 inch Nuggs print, limited to 25 prints in the run. You can also buy the original!

I created this painting while working on a custom vinyl NUGGLIFE set commission for a collector. This project helps you view the characters in a 3D world. But I had to illustrate this world in order to put the story together. So by producing a painting in a hyper animation style I can let peoples imagination have something to feed of off. Now you can start to see the story viewed in my head piece by piece. This is my first print ever to be released. Also this painting is the first of an on going series of my NUGGLIFE world that illustrates my custom vinyl figures. - Ian Ziobrowski

Make sure to visit our 2012 NYCC booth (#3121) in October where Ian Ziobrowski will be exhibiting every day!

New Pocket Invisiboy Available August 16 @ Noon Pacific

New from Super 7 this Thursday is the Pocket Invisiboy Blue. It will be on sale at noon, Pacific time and available exclusively on Super 7's website. The collectible is cast in white vinyl with blue spray gradation and highlights. Each one is packaged individually in it's own poly bag with a brand new Mummy Boy header card. They will be available at $25 a piece this Thursday and man is this toy dapper. Reminds me of Bruce Campbell in those Old Spice commercials, but with a smoother jaw line.

'Bulletproof' Custom Mini Munnys by Hugh Rose

Some new work again from Hugh Rose. He made these two Munny's (4 inch) for a client.

Follow Hugh Rose here:

Joker and Harley Quinn Munnys by Fuller

As we said Fuller is on track again this time he made a Joker and Harley Quinn mini Munny (4 inch) set. Two of his most favorite villains.

Follow Fuller here: