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August 15, 2012

Custom Munny and Android by MaloApril

Just finished quality customs from MaloApril. Perfectly painted with some nice colors. The flowers are from clay.

Bite me, 7 inch Munny

DOTD, Android

And a group shot of her latest pieces:

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Tank Girl Munny by Melodreama

When I saw this one, I had to post it. It is well made and you keep seeing new things!

Tank Girl, 4 inch Munny
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Bedtime Benno by Roar With Lukas

The latest from Roar With Lukas, this time a custom Rooz (3 inch). The teddy bear adds an extra detail to this custom making it that much more special!

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The Kings of Atlantis resin skulls are back - in mini form!

Argonaut Resins will be releasing a all new shrunk down version of the mysterious Demi-God skulls based on the 10 King rulers of the island of Atlantis. These new mini KOA skulls feature the same design as the original larger King skulls that were released and sold out a while back.

"Ten Demi-God Kings ruled the fabled island of Atlantis thousands of years ago. They all perished when their paradise was destroyed by the Gods. All that remain are their skulls...each endowed with an incredible power that is passed onto whomever has the skull in their possession. They say too much power is not a good thing...are you willing to take a chance and find out if this is true...?"

There will be the usual multiple colors including solids, metallics, and clear tints with a few hidden (chase glow in the dark) skulls in each wave. There will be 4 waves of 25 pieces "BLIND BOXED!" with the first wave dropping next week sometime.
The last wave of mini skulls may show up at the upcoming New York Comic con if the production schedule permits.

Color Chemist Raffy for Jarvis Rockwell Gallery

This custom Raffy (7 inch) by color chemist (Bryan A. Collins) is on display at the Jarvis Rockwell Gallery in North Adams, MA from July 26th through August 26th.

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Marshall Stump custom by Squink!

What a great use of a Marshall (64 colors). Absolutely stunning paintwork!

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Arts Unknown releases images of upcoming pieces

It’s nice to see the UK having a bigger part in the designer toy world- we have a bunch of talented and amazing artists, and with UK companies collaborating and releasing pieces from some of the top names in the scene, there's never been a better time to be a UK artist.

The main colorway of the Kozik piece
London based Arts Unknown was start in 2009 by art enthusiasts Paul Delfgou and Daniel Kohn. Arts Unkown is dedicated to making exclusive vinyl toys of the highest quality, from both well-known and unknown artists alike. Despite being around for a few years now and teasing us with drawings, pictures and info on artists involved, many fans- myself included- have been left waiting and wondering when they where actually gonna release something.

the Dok A piece
Well, good news if you’ve been waiting for more info: each piece has a run of 350 pieces, including a one in six chase colorway as well as a members-only colorway. The Baseman and Doktor A pieces stand at 8” tall and will retail for $100, the Frank Kozik set stands at 8” tall (4” for the little elephant) and will retail for $110.

After what seems like forever, it’s great to finally see some pics of these- especially the Doktor A piece. So far they look fantastic and a great price for something so limited. The Baseman and Kozik pieces are set to arrive in stores in July and the Doktor A piece sometime in August, be sure to check these out when they hit stores no doubt they’ll sell fast.

The Gary Baseman piece
alternate colorway of the Kozik elephant
alt colorway of the Kozik rhino

More works from Fuller: Ironman, Doom, Bruce Lee

Vrrrrrrrroooooooommmmmmm Fuller's machine is working again and he finished quite some customs. The Ironman Munny (7 inch) is for sale in his shop.

Ironman, 7 inch Munny

Doom 2099, 3 inch Dunny

Bruce, 3 inch Dunny

Agent P, 4 inch Mini Mugg

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Custom Muttpop Tequila by RunDMB

Custom Tequilas are hot these days! This one by RunDMB looks extremely nice!

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