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August 13, 2012

Shadow-Lapin by Shadoe Delgado

Shadoe is coming like a comet into the custom scene. Yet another great piece from Shadoe Delgado, this time a 8 inch Dunny called Shadow-Lapin.

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VISEone received his first samples of the ZOMBIE JUICE EDITION of the upcoming TUBE MONSTER series. This toy is around 3,5 inch tall. This is not the final design yet, since the factory has to do some tweaks yet. This toy will be available by the end of September. More of this series will follow soon!

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Misfit Monsters custom Dunnys by UNCLE Studio

JuJu Warrior Tequila Custom by JFury

Another great custom (Tequila) from JFury in his JuJu Clown style!

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Stuart Witter Trooper madness!!!!

Amazing work on all these platforms from Stuart Witter. Seems that every commission customer wants Troopers!

Teddy Stormtrooper, 10 inch

Fonzo Trooper

Buff Trooper, 3 inch

Android Trooper

Stormtrooper MAD*L, 5 inch

Stormtrooper Dudebox, 8 inch

Stormtrooper Munny, 4 inch

10-Doh Trooper, 8 inch

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More and more excited by all the Fonzo's that are showed lately. This one from FAKIR is another stunning design.

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Menace 4-inch custom Munny by Davemarkart

Diggin the evil face on this little purple guy! "Menace" is a custom 4" Munny by Davemarkart. It has been customized using super sculpey, then hand painted using acrylics. The figure features a matte finish with eyes having a high gloss finish. Available now at

DUDEBOX FEATURE: Punchy the Clown by Attaboy

Just arrived from Dudebox is this 7.5-inch Punchy the Clown figure designed by Attaboy!

Attaboy is an internationally acclaimed artist, creator and toy designer whose work is seen in galleries, museums, boutiques, magazines, books and so many more places and spaces. In 1996, Attaboy started his career designing and inventing toys for Milton Bradley and Hasbro. In 2002, Atta released the Axtrx, one of the first western vinyl toys to be distributed en mass. Axtrx, with its interchangeable mouths, has often been referred to as the "gateway toy" for many burgeoning collectors.

Scores of Attaboy vinyl, plush and specially made resin sculptures soon followed, along with art licensing deals with many of the top creator loving companies. In 2005, Attaboy co-founded the acclaimed and best selling new contemporary art magazine Hi-Fructose with his wife, the artist, Annie Owens. Since its premier, it has gained an enthusiastic worldwide distribution, launched the careers of many artists, and spawned a best-selling series of Collected Editions. Attaboy lives in the East Bay of San Francisco with his wife, a pug named Donut, and a pesky bunny named GiGi. With so much under his belt we had to spend some time with him to see what makes him tick!

To rad an interview with Attaboy on the Dudebox site, click here.

Finger Mafia Vinyl Toys: Kickstarter Project for Cool, New Toys

Spektor, designer and founder of B|Sides Toys in Brooklyn, New York, presents a new line of designer vinyl toys. Finger Mafia combines Spektor's passion for designer toys, his love of New York city and it's diversity and his  love of gangster movies and TV shows. "The idea for Finger Mafia came from an article I read about Japanese gangs, or Yakuza. It described an act of contrition called yubitsume, which is when a gang member ritually cuts off a finger as a way of apologizing to a Yakuza boss for some act of disrespect. "  To get the project up and running Spektor has setup a Kickstarter project offering tier levels from $5 to $1000. At the higher levels you can even have your own idea designed and hand painted by Spektor himself. How bad ass is that? Plus there is a super limited exclusive Shiny Black Mafia available to the first five people to donate at the highest level. Throw in some great t-shirts and stickers  in addition to the figures and this is definitely a project that collectors will not want to miss out on.
More photos and production pictures after the jump.

Female Ninja Dunnys by TO Designs

TO Designs made these excellent Female Ninja Dunnys. The yellow and green ones are still available:  $80 shipped worldwide. All come with a mini canvas to make it even more special. Contact TO Designs here!

Female Ninja, 3 inch Dunny

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