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July 19, 2012

TENACIOUS EXCLUSIVE: 2.5-inch DIY Mini Dudes by Dudebox

While this item was never intended specifically to be a Tenacious Toys Exclusive, it is right now. This 2.5-inch blank white vinyl DIY platform is a mini version of Dudebox's popular new 7" DIY Dude. Obviously, this character is their mascot. Dudebox has 2 blind-boxed mini figure series (Big Bang and Super Amazing Spectacular) that utilize this 2.5-inch platform as one of the 3 shapes available in each of those series. And, of course, they had some blank Mini Dudes produced as well, apparently for use in some projects down the road. As such, they never really marketed the 2.5-inch DIY Mini Dudes, nor did they offer them to retailers. That didn't deter me, though. I asked about these platforms and Dudebox, surprisingly, agreed to sell me some! After the fact, when the shipment was already en route, they told me that Tenacious Toys will be the only retailer that will have these items! Now, it's possible that other retailers will catch on, and ask to buy some. I'd be surprised if they didn't, after seeing that Tenacious is the only shop with them... but right now, at this moment, Tenacious Toys is the only place to get them!

We'll be ordering more different Dudebox products in the near future. For now, you can buy the big 7" DIY Dudes and the mini figure series directly from Dudebox.

Galaxy Frankenstein and Micro Skelechub sets from We Become Monsters

We Become Monsters has released their 2-inch Galaxy Frankenstein resin pieces which come packed with 1-inch Micro Skelechubs! Click here to buy a set in the We Become Monsters shop! Your purchase also enters you into the We Become Monsters drawings for their Slabs (I just got one in the mail the other day!) or a 1:4 scale Galaxy Frankenstein bust!
Go check out the We Become Monsters store!

Onryo, a demonic piece by David Kraig

Onryo is a Japanese demon, who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek vengeance. David Kraig shows again his excellent sculpting skills with this piece.

Onryo, Munny 4 inch

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Zukie vs Jeff Beck

This is the entry of Jeff Beck for the "Zukie vs the World show". The event will be held at TT Underground Gallery July 27th -29th, 32 artists from around the world are in this show . The reception party will be on July 27 6pm-10pm. More info can you find HERE!


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BadApplezINC Two Faced Rotten Applez Envy Edition 3" mini resin figures

You may recall that Bad Applez rolled out a brand-new mini apple sculpt for our recent Resin is King Series 1... well, the whole point of that series was to have new and original resin sculpts released upon the world, and the artists in the series were encouraged to go ahead and utilize that sculpt again for follow-up colorways on their own....

Bad Applez decided on a Granny Smith-style rotten apple as their follow-up, and really honestly I look at this apple sculpt as their mascot (like Kidrobot's mascot figure and Dudebox's Dude).

This envy edition is painted by BadApplezInc's Mike "NeMO" Mendez, the tops and bottoms are a realistic granny smith green with the core painted in gold metallic with a black wash! These came out stunning!! Each Two Faced Rotten Applez mini figure comes poly bagged with a header card and you can pick yours up here.

Ernesto by Dcay for Toy Invaderz

Another custom that was shown at the Toy Invaderz show in Chicago. 
This 7 inch Munny is made by Dcay and it's for sale on our Toy Invaderz page.
Ernesto, Munny 7 inch 

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Instagram: @dcay574

BEECHBLOCKS by Pepe Hiller

A bit late, but happy to see that this series was sold out fast. This is the latest series by Pepe Hiller, called the BEECHBLOCKS.

Some details:
  • 4 inch wood toys by Pepe Hiller
  • First edition of 20 Pieces
  • All signed & numbered
  • Beech wood, brass feather & bees wax finish
The BEECHBLOCKS comes from a beautiful place where it is always late spring, with blooming flowers and cloudless skies, never too warm or too cold. Their heraldic motto is “Walk upright like the trees and keep the sun in your heart!”

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