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July 10, 2012

Something new this way comes from The Forces of Dorkness

Well folks, after a huge success with Buddha Fett (and by huge I mean one guy creating things in his garage with primitive tools and a shoestring budget, and pouring each one by hand), I thought maybe it was time for something new. So after months of contemplation, the new piece has finally come together. Yep, it's resin, and I can't even start to describe the colors I was able to produce this time around, but it looks like a family of unicorns threw up gallons and gallons of rainbows.

As of now there are 27 pieces total, with the possibility of more (based on my time). all boxed up and ready for October.

"October you say?" That's right, everyone's busy with SDCC right now, and since I'm not making the trip out west and you probably won't do anything with this until after that is over, I thought October would be a good month. October is also the month that has another big event in it out east, and there's a good chance I'll be making a personal appearance at that one with these guys.

Scott Kinnebrew
The Forces of Dorkness

Headless Horse... Man by Fuller for Toy Invaderz

Always excited when i see custom Horselingtons (Ewok). We received this pretty EPIC piece from Fuller, that he made for the "Toy Invaderz Show" in Chicago. The colors are so vibrant and all the details are suiting extremely well. Another stunning custom from Fuller!

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Dudebox Dudes from The Art of Bughub

The Dude (from Dudebox) becomes more popular and we see more and more customizers using this platform. Seems that the Dude has an ideal shape for customizing. This time we show you two excellent Dudes from The Art of Bugshub.

Snail, 3 inch Dude 

Penquin, 7 inch Dude

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…Of All Ages by Scott Wilkowski at SDCC

Scott Wilkowski has been busy putting skulls, skeletons and creepy creatures inside 6 favorite designer toys. The 6 designer toys are Ferg’s Misfortune Cat, David Horvath’s Flatwoods, Frank Kozik’s Labbit 5 inch by Kid Robot, Ron English’s Mousemask Murphy, Brandt Peters’ Skelve and Kathie Olivas’ Two Faced Hazel.
All will be only available at the DKE Toys booth #4728 during SDCC (July 11-July 15). Each of the six hand-cast resin editions will be limited to 25 pieces of two different colors each (50 total of each style).

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"Iconic Cartoon Characters series 1" by Matcandraw

Matcandraw announces his "Iconic Cartoon Characters series 1".

This will be the first 3 inch Dunny blind box series available for purchase from the Stephens' Design studio. Each character is limited to one piece and will be sold as a blind box edition for $65 usd. Sale begins friday, July 13th and ends after the series is sold out.  shipping is free to addresses located within the united states, and is $15 to international buyers. Sales are based on a first come, first serve basis. You can grab this series HERE.

Looking at this series, you have to be fast to snag one. They are all extremely well painted and are having a great cartoon style to them!

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