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July 6, 2012

Some works from Natasha Zimich: Trunks, Android & Kuros

Urban Elephant contacted us to show off this custom Trunks from Natasha Zimich. It is called "Vancouverphant" and features several buildings from Vancouver (Canada).

Vancouverphant, Trunks 3.5 inch

Some more works (custom Android and Kuros) from Natascha Zimich, just because i like them!

Follow Natasha Zimich here:

Rough & Tumble by doryphunk

We present you another custom Crawdad Kid from doryphunk, called "Rough & Tumble". This one is part of the Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG!) series. and stands 2 inches tall. The figure was modified with epoxy putty and painted with acrylics.Have to say amazing work on such a small figure, just look at those gloves. He is ready to rumble!

Rough & Tumble,  Crawdad Kid 2 inch

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"When Nature Calls" by ServeEm

ServeEm aka “C.A.N.1”, tried his hand at the tribal characters from Ace Ventura 2, “When nature calls”. The little terror in the handmade basket is Tommy Davidson’s character that Ace Ventura does battle with. Each accessory is handmade from clay epoxy and painted with acrylics. These characters were made for the latest CTU trade. I reckon that Scott Kinnebrew (Forcess of Dorkness) will be very happy with this set!

When nature calls, Kracka 4 inch and Dunny 3 inch

The Monsterhunter by Valerie G for Toy Invaderz

 Valerie G shares with us this sweet custom set she did for the Toy Invaderz show which is currently running in Chicago, IL. Valerie used a Skumbo figure as a platform for the main character, and several self-produced little monsters for him to hunt! A great set! You can check out Valerie's page on our site, and also be sure to check the page on our site where we'll be selling the pieces from the Toy Invaderz show! We're going to start putting them up for sale soon.

To follow Val on her own sites, check the following links:

FREE DIY B-Bot with your $50 DIY purchase

So we have some of these Plastic City x Tristan Eaton DIY B-Bots in stock and we wanted to do something fun with them.... at the same time, I am experimenting with Facebook's new Offer feature. I have set up an Offer on Facebook that will allow the next 4 customers placing $50+ orders of DIY toys in our DIY section to claim the free DIY B-Bot. Having no idea how this process actually works, I'm gonna just take a stab at it and instruct any interested customizers to go to our Tenacious Toys Facebook page and find that offer and click on Get Offer. The Offer post should be pinned to the top of the page there. After that, I suppose you follow the instructions in the offer in order to claim the prize.

If you don't use Facebook (the horror!!!), just place your $50 order in our DIY section and I'll throw in the B-Bot when I ship.

DAVEMARKART Want Some of This... Bitch?! custom 8-inch Toyer Qee

 Dave Webb (Davemarkart) has blessed our shop with another sick custom. Want Some of This... Bitch?! is based on an 8-inch DIY Toyer Qee by Toy2R. Heavy sculpting and bright paint makes this one really eye-catching! Dave is really progressing with his work... each piece is more sculptural and fully-formed than the last. See more pics and buy it here.