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July 3, 2012

Don P Battle-Damaged KidIronman custom Bot

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Don P KidApocaTrooper 3-inch Kidrobot Bot

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GROM, THE GOD OF LAVA Munny custom by aretoo deetoo

GROM, THE GOD OF LAVA is a brilliant 7" custom Munny aretoo deetoo did for the Munnyworld contest. Aretoo says:
It was an idea I have had floating around in my head for probably over a year. Originally I wanted to use a 10" MadL diy, but i saw Kidrobot was having their annual contest so i figured it was time to bring my lava god to life. Its made of super sculpey, and wood chips you find in mulch (basically bark). I had to break the wood chips down, soak them in water, and rubber band them around a round surface until they were dried curved. the hands and arms are made from scratch, wire frames with built up sculpey. Overall it took over 40 hours to make.

Photography by furtive photography.

Find aretoo online:

O·No! Wasabi custom by VISEone

VISEone says:
I never planned to use this as a platform for my TUBE series - but after a 3 feet drop from the shelf and a small crack in the vinyl "O NOOOOO!"  I decided to make a little WASABI Edition since what tastes best to sushi?
After posting it on my FACEBOOK gallery, Andrew Bell shared it on his wall and it got sold to a collector in the US.

VISEone is the best. Hopefully he'll be hanging out with us at NYCC 2012!

Nugglife Candy Shop by Ian Ziobrowski

Welcome to the Nugglife Candy Shop, the home for best sweets in town. It's location remains confidential, but if you ask the right person, you just might be able to enjoy it yourself. With a fine selection of spaced-out sweets, getting home might be the most difficult part. Especially if you're Zack.

Standing about 9 inches tall, this Artoyz Element custom was created by Ian Ziobrowski for the Candy Coated Show in NYC. Its available for sale in our store here.

Free Runner Diamond Kid by Tony Gil

Tony shares with us this awesome Kidrobot Mascot he's customized to stand on one hand. Really diggin this piece. Tony says:
I'm excited to share with you my first ever 8" custom KR mascot. I've named him Free Runner Diamond Kid. I had to chop him apart to capture him in action. As always, I try to keep the original characteristics of the figure and sculpt it in an action pose. Bringing life to the figure, if you will.

This particular piece was made in a run of 5 pieces and they're now sold out, but you can still grab a few other customs from Tony by visiting his shop. Also check out the time-lapse video Tony made when he designed this piece:

Time Laps Sketch of Free Runner Diamond Kid from Tony Gil on Vimeo.

Crazy new plushes from Shawnimals: El Tornado & Junky Trunky

El Tornado: This suave, whirling cloud of dust sports an awesome, twirly stache that attracts the ladies by the dozens. Note: It's best to say his name with a Spanish accent to really drive home his fancy nature. Soft and cuddly handmade plush collectible. 6 inches tall, $12.
Junky Trunky: Ooh la la...Pocket-sized in most places, junk in the trunk in others! Our famous Junky Trunky from yesteryear is now available in a tinier, cuter size! Around 4-inches big, with a cute heart on its tush. Soft and cuddly handmade plush collectible. $12.