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June 20, 2012

Kidrobot Dunny Series 2012 coming June 21

Get your Paypal account ready and free up some room on your credit card... Dunny 2012 is almost here! We already have our shipment and the release date is tomorrow, June 21st. Dunny 2012 comes in cases of 20 pieces. Case cost is $199 (that's $9.95 per blind box) and we are offering free Fedex/USPS Priority Mail shipping on cases sold to customers in the US. Click here to go to our Kidrobot page where we'll be selling cases tomorrow.

Seasoned Dunny masters jump in the mix with fresh blood, creating characters that push Dunny into new worlds with new sculpts, new uses of the Dunny platform, new treatments, and new plans. A more colorful mix than you would find in the Mos Eisley Cantina, each figure is its own species - an ambassador to the mind of its creator. If you are one of the lucky few to see them all together, you will find a window into what whimsy and wickedness lies under the creative rocks found in the far away corners of the Dunny galaxy. 

DS2012 features the emissaries from the hands of Andrew Bell, Attaboy, Scribe, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno, Kronk, MAD, Mauro Gatti, Sergio Mancini, Nakanari, Pac23, Tara McPherson, and Triclops Studio.