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June 6, 2012

Indie184 Matchbox Van by TYO Toys

 Fresh off her solo show at Munky King in LA, Indie 184 returns home to NYC to drop this limited diecast van with TYOTOYS. Click here to buy this piece. As a die-hard OG Matchbox collector, I am super excited about all these 1:64-scale TYO releases. Every time I see a new one, I feel like a kid again...
  • $20 each
  • Only 200 units produced
  • 1:64 scale Matchbox van with Indie184 fill on one side, Kweenz Destroy logo on reverse
  • Kweenz Destroy mini Sharpie included
  • 5x3 color Indie184 vinyl van sticker included
  • 4x6 black and white TYO x Indie184 thermal stickers included
TYO stands for "tag your own". Get it? TYO makes white vehicles that you can tag yourself without getting arrested. They also collab with graff artists to release limited-edition pre-tagged vehicles like this one. Click here to shop their store.

New Elephantos resin figures by turboPISTOLA

 There are 7 new ELEPHANTOS resin mini figures available now in turboPISTOLA's store:

Each $25 Elephanto is hand painted and comes in a fancy 3x3 block printed box. From this pics, the figures look to be about 2 inches tall. There are a few made from clear colored resin, as well as a few solid painted ones. Can anyone guess which one's my favorite? The blue one right there in the middle.

If you want to follow Daniel "turboPISTOLA" Smith's work, click the following links: -!/zefrdesign -

Pulling A Bunny Out Of My Hat...

There are not a lot of words that I can use to describe this piece from David Kraig who customized a 4" Munny and 3" Dunny into a Magician and Rabbit. I will give it a try though. Amazing, beautiful, cute, wow, fantastic, awesome, pretty, sweet, lovable, imaginative, dashing, magical, daring, inventive, captivating, fascinating, dazzling, delightful, bewitching, alluring, charming, hypnotizing, intriguing, mesmerize, spellbinding, conjuring, enchanting, magnetic, mysterious, otherworldly, entrancing, wizardly and wonderful. He submitted this for the CTU trade and whoever gets this piece is very, very lucky!


DCAY's Venus Flytrap Is Here To Suck You In...

"It's A Trap" is a venus flytrap that has developed the taste for the vinyl goodness of Dunny's. This custom Munny and Dunny set was made by the amazing artist DCAY. A custom made flocked base along with all the sculpey vine details make this custom take on a life of it's own. I do not even feel sorry for the Dunny as it's about be eaten as it would just be fascinating to watch. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

Davemarkart Blind Box Series drops Thursday June 7th

Our buddy Dave Webb aka Davemarkart is releasing his first blind-box custom series tomorrow, Thursday June 7th in his web shop. There are 10 blind boxes in this series, at $50 per BB. 

To add to that already amazing value, Dave has hidden 2 different Golden Tickets inside the boxes. One Golden Ticket gets the winner a free custom Munko, and the other Golden Ticket gets the winner a choice of a custom 7" Raffy or a custom 7" Munny. That's a 20% chance of pulling a Golden Ticket! Sick! Dave's shop is here: