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June 2, 2012

Queen of the SOLD OUT LunaBEE's...

The Queen of the instant sell outs has done it again! Lunabee teamed up with Pepe Hiller to make these cute little hand painted wooden bees. I have to say this collaboration is amazing! With Pepe Hiller's smooth wood skills and Lunabee's painting skills, combining both skills makes for a killer combination. Although these are SOLD OUT now, I am sure with enough requests both artists would definitely be up for another collaboration! For Lunabee's website please click HERE. For Pepe Hiller's website please click HERE.

IN STOCK: Mishka 3-inch Bearbricks by Medicom

100% (3-inch-tall) Mishka Bearbricks by Medicom now in stock. These are blister-packed, made in limited quantities and feature Mishka's signature bloodshot eyeball! Buy one here.

Why Big Wheels Have Stood The Test Of Time...

Big Wheels are still as popular today as they were back in the Ye Olden Times. But to find out why they have stood the test of time so far, Sara Dawkins from NannyPro wrote a very interesting article on the Top 10 Reasons of why. I will only reveal number 10 which is, "most parents these days had a Big Wheel trike when they were young and want their kids to have the same enjoyment. The nostalgia surrounding these toys has helped contribute to their continued popularity." To find out the rest of the Top 10, please click HERE!
(Benny's note: I rocked my Big Wheels so hard when I was little that wore out the front wheels on 2 of them. My Dad seems to be really proud of that... he still tell stories about that, 30 years later.)