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May 26, 2012

Teru Fujita, Candy-Coated Custom Show artist, now on Flickr

I suggested to Teru Fujita, creator of the amazing Bentie the Bentley custom 7" Munny, that he create a Flickr account to chronicle and record his work online. He has worked for decades in the NYC toy scene, but his work has been largely behind the scenes as he has had numerous roles in design and prototyping. I am attempting to bring his amazing work into the spotlight, which is one of the reasons I asked him to join the Candy-Coated Custom Show artist roster.

Teru is very special to me because our mutual friend passed away unexpectedly this year. I only met Teru at our friend's funeral, and we discovered that we had a LOT in common. So working with Teru holds special meaning to both of us. Please take a look at his work here on Flickr.

Young Morkenstein by Pobber Toys

What did the evil Dr. Morkenstein look like when he was a kid?

The amazing new Pajamas edition explores that, showing the young Dr. Morkenstein in his pajamas.

Check him out in his red pajamas with grey stars and stripes and his self-made helmet with the words 'BEWARE'.

Looking so disarmingly charming and innocent, you might just stop caring that he turned out to be the evil brother.

Limited to just 150 pcs, Dr. Morkenstein is now available in select toy retailers.

UrbanVinylDaily is hosting a Dr. Morkenstein giveaway right now.
Head over to our Tumblr blog where you can enter in 3 clicks and a comb!

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We Become Monsters Skelechub Mini resin BB sale May 28

Our friend Chris Moore of We Become Monsters is releasing his new mini 2" resin sculpt of his Skelechub figure in the form of a blind box sale on May 28th! $12 gets you a blind-boxed Mini Skelechub in one of the many colorways below! 

Go to on Monday to pick a few up.
I have one in a beautiful Tenacious blue- sitting right in front of me on top of my computer! I love it!