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May 25, 2012

Voltaire Deady and Sleezter Bunees arriving soon

Both the Deady Bunee and the Sleezter Bunee 5" Mini Qee figures will have 2 colorways, and all of them come with a code for Adventure Quest that unlocks a Deady companion in the game. $28 each, arriving in June. Preorder yours here. Support Voltaire, New York's favorite Goth and minor local celebrity!

CHIPP s004 and BOOMER [FORT BURNOUT-DSRT] drop May 28 in Squadt Store

Edition of 200. $115.00 USD Includes worldwide shipping.

The release is set for Monday, MAY 28, 12:00 noon central time (Austin TX)
Available at the squadt store>>

Chipp includes: modular tactical vest with assorted pouches, Fort Burnout shirt, bandana, sMK23 with holster, SM4 with red dot and suppressor, regular arms and 2.0 arms, smoke and yellow lenses and removable helmet.
Boomer includes: head-case, 2 'pipe bombs' and modular harness.

Custom Mini Berties by Adam Pratt drop at 6pm EST

 At one inch tall, the 3A Mini Berties are difficult to even hold in one's hand, let alone fully paint and weather. At 6pm, we will be releasing Wave 1 of Adam "Halfbad" Pratt's custom Mini Berties. There are 6 different minis in this wave, and they will be $20 each. Click here to buy them at 6pm.

Talk About That Was Fast With Jeff Lamm...

Talk about FAST. Although this print titled "London Face Punch" by Jeff Lamm is already sold out, it still deserved it's own post! One cool thing about this print is that it features 3 of Jeff Lamm's produced figures as the monsters attacking the city. (Greasebat on the left, M5 Bravo hugging the tower and Stee-Gar on all fours.) To see this print and what Jeff Lamm had to say about it please click HERE. To find out more about 1xRUN that produced this print and many others please click HERE

(Benny's edit: I missed this one and I'm a bit pissed off about that...)

Teaser: Qiqi By Ziqi and Chebaka...

Not much is known about Qiqi by Ziqi pictured above from Creo Design except that it's very cute and the production process to get it made is almost over. Which means this figure should be available for purchase in the next few months. Qiqi by Ziqi will come in both black or red and official photos should be out soon.

Pictured above is also another figure that is almost completed production from Creo Design called "Chebaka." This figure will come in 5 colors, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple and Yellow. Each color will be limited to 100 each. This figure is technically known as the "First Russian Designer Art Toy." More information and official pictures will be released soon. To stay informed about both Qiqi by Ziqi and Chebaka please click HERE and visit the Creo Design official website.

JC Rivera Most Wanted Madness 1:AM Gallery...

JC Rivera is a custom making madness machine. As you can see from the photo above he used multiple different bases to create these eerie and haunting customs. The skulls, the use of the color red and horns has these customs heading towards a western theme for me. Reminds me of the dead half eaten cow skulls that cowboys would find when out riding a trail. I really love the theme of these customs and how cohesive each piece is with the other. If you are interested in purchasing one of these creations please check out the 1:AM Gallery website HERE. To see what other customs are also available from Tenacious Toys by JC Rivera like the one below please click HERE.