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May 21, 2012

Glass Destroyers by Eric Frank

Toy journalist Eric "Toygodd" Frank has been delving in glass lately as a medium for his Destroyer figures. Pictured are glass versions in 4 inch, 2 inch and 1.5 inch sizes. More info to come on his progress! Guess which kick-ass shop gets an exclusive shot at selling these cool figures?

Insta-droid custom Android by JC Rivera

As seen on Spanky Stokes here:

Bits Show at Lot F Gallery with Bob Conge

Bob Conge is currently showing some of his amazing custom work at the Lot F Gallery in Boston, MA. Bob pulled out all the stops on his custom creations making sure he used his monster style along with an LED unit customized for each individual figure to make it glow. He really knows how to make his works not only haunting but memorable as well. If you are interested in purchasing any of Bob Conge's pieces at the Lot F Gallery then please click HERE

Sai Kang Warriors by Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu has taken some Playmobil figures and turned them into works of art. This series of 5 figures entitled "Sai Kang Warriors." The term "Sai Kang" in Chinese refers to an unpleasant and undesirable task. This series showcases 5 blue collar workers whose jobs are not desirable. Daniel Yu gave a blank and vacant expression to each of these workers to reflect how society views such laborers as ones without an identity. Each of these figures has painstaking detail, especially the construction worker with his gloves and vest- they really are very well done. I am not sure if these figures are still available but send a note to Daniel Yu at his website HERE and ask.


TODAY (mon MAY 21th) is the release of the CLUTTER EXCLUSIVE radioactive raspberry!!

Standing 5.5 inches tall, rotocast polyurethane (look it up, vinyl junkies, it's the good stuff) and Limited to 25 pieces worldwide, they are selling fast so if you want one get over to the store and place your order now at the following link:

$99 each

David Kraig's Boba Fett Is Here To Collect His Bounty...

David Kraig has just finished an amazing new custom that, if you could not tell, is inspired by one of the all time great Bounty Hunters from Star Wars, Boba Fett!!! Using a 4" Munny as a base with some sculpey for the details, this Munny has everything it takes to be the ultimate Bounty Hunter. I love the small details on this figure, especially on the helmet with the small bullet dent. This custom is already spoken for but I am sure if you contact David Kraig through his website HERE, he will be more than happy to make one for you.

Porcelain Bayloom by Sergey Safonov

Bayloom is a little dweller from the Gooma universe. Produced in glossy all-white porcelain. Figure size: 8cm / 3in. $25 each at the following link:

16" Yakuza Knucklebear by Alex Break

Ugly Unicorn Rainbow Madness By Rampage Toys...

Rampage Toys has just released a whole slew of Ugly Unicorns and other custom toys this past weekend in their online shop and all I can say is WOW! The Rainbow Hair Ugly Unicorn comes from an edition of 5 and the contrast between the brightly colored hair and monotonous body makes this piece so much fun to look at! I just have to say this is my favorite Ugly Unicorn of all time as it literally just POPS! Another Ugly Unicorn that was just released is from a collaboration with Paul Kaiju and comes from an edition of 5 as well. It kind of makes me think of what a zombie Ugly Unicorn might look like with the use of the gangrene green and the zombie eyes. I also saw this RxH Mutant custom was just put up as well and the color pattern used with the intricate detailing is just AMAZING. If you are interested in picking any of these up please head on over to the Rampage Toys Store HERE.

Blast From The Past... Toys That Are Still Popular...

Have you ever wondered how old some of the toys you play with today really are? Well writer Maureen Denard from was curious as well and went back all the way to the 1970's. (Can you believe that is almost 40 years ago?) She compiled a list of 10 popular toys that date back to that time period. Ranging from Hot Wheels to Barbies this list gives us an insight into how our toys from today really aren't that much different then the ones from the ye olden times of the 70's. I did not know the Slip N' Slide was from back then, I literally thought it was an invention of the 90's since I used it almost everyday during the summer. If you would like to find out the other 7 on the list then please click HERE.

"As Seen On TV" Task One Gets Real...

Task One has gone above and beyond with his new show that opens at Plastic Chapel, Saturday, June 9th. "As Seen On TV" will feature 8 Munny versions of characters from what he considers to be some of the best shows on TV recent and past. Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Wire, Breaking Bad and more are all represented in this awesome showcase of TV human expression and all put down on the Munny platform. These TV Characters look so realistic to me and look absolutely perfect in every way. I wish I could purchase them all. (Especially Larry David.) If you are interested in any of these pieces and are wanting to purchase one send Plastic Chapel an email to find out how these will be sold! Good Luck!