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May 18, 2012

New print from Huck: Legend of Hotaru

Each is printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), 9"x18″ (13"x22" with 2" border), signed, numbered and gold embossed. Limited edition run of 100 prints, $40 per print.


19-27 May 2012 at Plastic Culture, Grand Indonesia-Level One.

featuring works by

Paulus Hyu
Fauzie Helmy

I Can See Your Insides With Carson Catlin...

Carson Catlin is up to no good. He is taking sweet little innocent Dunny's and Munny's and carving them out. Now before you go OH NO, ake a look at the colorful masterpieces he has turned them into. Using his 2 tone color pallet and carving out intricate beautiful patterns that can be stared at for hours these little patients are a sight to see! I would definitely say that sacrificing these Dunny's and Munny's was worth it. Wouldn't you? If you are interested in picking one of these pieces up from the Most Wanted show at 1am Gallery then please click HERE.

Who's Ready For Some Black Magic?

Fuller is up to some of his New Orleans "Black Magic" tricks again. After the much success of his first series of "Black Magic" Dunny characters, Fuller decided to do a series 2. Featuring 5 different creatures from the deepest realms of "Black Magic" this set has the colorful vibrance and beautiful ambiance that is to be expected from a Fuller Dunny Set. My favorite from this set is the lizard with the studded dog collar. Who wouldn't want a pet lizard that looked like that? If you are interested in picking one of these up all the pre-orders have sold out but if you go to his store HERE and click the contact button on the right Fuller said he would be more then happy to make one of these little "Black Magic" Dunnys for you.