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May 1, 2012

Paul Kaiju el Bebe, el Diablo y el Roboto

Not exactly sure what this mysterious graphic is all about... but it's Paul Kaiju, so it's gonna be awesome. Follow Paul's blog to keep up.

Shinbone Creative turns your 2D art into 3D toys

"Instagram Mascot" designed by JC Rivera
 Designers who want to make a little something and don't know where to start should check out Shinbone at

Do you have a loose napkin sketch? A rough clay sculpture? A 3d speed model bashed together in ZBrush? Shinbone is reaching out to artists and designers to help get new projects off the ground. If you're a hard-core customizer and you're ready to take the next step, these are the guys who can get you rolling.

What does Shinbone do? They design and produce toys for toy companies. They license designs from artists and produce original art. They manufacture runs of toys for independent designers.

What does Shinbone do? Shinbone turns great art into great toys.
"Moonman" designed by Scott Wetterschneider

"Sad Uke Dog" designed by Matheus Muniz

OK NOW I see where Jon Walsh is going

I gotta say, Matt Anderson is good at keeping a secret. He's a friend of mine and I talk to him on the phone at least once a week. He's never mentioned this project! Looks like Jon Walsh has enlisted Matt's help... I bet you Matt is pouring resin figures for Jon to be customized by the bad-ass artists listed in this flyer. Now I'm really stoked!