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March 28, 2012

Gumdrop by 64 Colors and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi

Every little boy needs a best friend and, if you’re a little marshmallow boy like Marshall is, a gumdrop dog is just about as good as it gets. They’re total BFFs!

Designed by awesome husband-and-wife design team 64 Colors and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, Gumdrop originally debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2011 as a special glow-in-the-dark version (and sold out quickly). This is the highly anticipated first full series release!

Series One features two face designs (happy and surprised) in six different bright colors for a total of 12 variants. Each Gumdrop retails for $5.95 each and we can get em. Email us if you're interested.

Robunzilla Bellicose Bunny custom by Plaseebo

 Bob Conge aka Plaseebo shares with us his awesome custom of Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny figure: "Robobunzilla And The Atomic Carrot", done for the Bellicosity Show opening at TAG on March 23rd.

Brace Face Mickey by Alison Perez for PlayImaginative

Alison Perez (aka Miss Zukie) share with us the sweet and awkward Mickey custom she made for the PlayImaginative Mickey show: Brace Face Mickey! This Mickey "studies hard and never gets the girl. His favorite thing to do is read the dictionary."
The PI Mickeys are 6" tall and this one has dorky glasses.  
Check out more by Alison here on her blog.

LIL G Boombox promo video

Jasin Dollin has rolled out the promo video for his Lil G Boombox, with the help of Josh Marlar. The music in the video is by Peter Project:  "Rubbing Garbage (In your Face)", from *The Fresh EP
(which was originally released in a bar of soap *random fact). Peter also worked songs for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

What is Lil G and how do I get one?

Another step in the designer toy evolution. Lil'G is a fully customizable designer boombox with bluetooth! Just sync up your mobile or music device and let the music play! With a Lithium-ion battery, Lil'G will play for hours and charge up easily through your USB charger. Stylish and removable speaker grills protect it's high quality dual speakers. You can find Lil'G Mini Boombox at for only $95. Click the link below:

Aztec Warrior Quauhtli 8inch custom Dunny by Tony Gil

Tony Gil just dropped on us these images of his beautiful 8-inch Aztec Warrios Quauhtli custom Dunnys. Limited to 5 pieces, you can find these beautiful customs in Tony's shop here. GREAT color and detail in this one!

Free runner style Aztec Warrior Quauhtli, the eagle of the Aztec Warriors, is ready for war. Battle and his incredible craftsmanship of weapons are his specialties. He will dismember you with his maquahuitl (macahuitl)-the Aztec sword- if you dare step in front of him.
If you want to follow Tony and read more about this custom, check out his blog here.