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March 20, 2012

House Industries x Medicom Toys

Big ups to my man Warren for turning me on to this image, video and blog post by House Industries about the Bearbrick they customized and the logo they created for Medicom's 15th anniversary.

House Industries for Medicom Toy

We were thrilled to do our part to balance the USA’s cultural trade deficit by illustrating a tenth anniversary BE@RBRICK and a fifteenth anniversary logo for Japan’s Medicom Toy Corporation. Take a video peek behind the House Industries analog curtain:

Scott Kinnebrew pieces for Vinyl Thoughts show

Scott Kinnebrew is kicking ass and taking names. Here are a few (not even all!) of the pieces he submitted to the Vinyl Thoughts 2 show in Dallas. Click here to see more about this show. Click here or here to see and buy more pieces by Scott Kinnebrew.

Cultured Critter Collective: Zombie Gertie for So So Happy

Valerie G of Cultured Critter Collective shares with us her entry into the So So Happy Qee show. Her Zombie Gertie features glow in the dark eyes and necklace! Val's shop is here and it's chock full of awesomeness. Toys are but one of many types of products she makes and sells.

Tenacious Toys Blog voted one of FrugalDad's Top Toys Blogs

We are happy to announce that Frugal Dad has posted their Top Toy Blogs and this wack little blog I write is on the list! We're humbled to be in the company of Spanky, TRE, Plastic and Plush and a whole flock of other, more prolific blogs. Please click through to their list, where you will find a ton of links to the other blogs. Great reading material. Bookmark that page if you want a one-stop reference for who is blogging about toys.

JonPaul Kaiser show at Yoyamart on Oct 11

Our friend JonPaul Kaiser is going to leap across the pond in October and run wild in the streets of Manhattan. Be warned. October 11, Toy2R has foolishly invited JPK to invade Yoyamart, a fashion and style trendsetting boutique on Gansevoort Street, where he will not doubt blow every single mind that walks through the door. Literally.

No, sorry, I meant figuratively. JPK is a giant, amazingly sweet man who I am very proud to call a friend. His talents really need no introduction. He understands form and composition, and his steady hands have brought to life some of the most brilliant custom toys that ever sold in 3.5 milliseconds at our NYCC booth. I'm stoked to meet up with JPK again. We can all expect to see beautiful Toy2R production toys, as well as custom toys, by JPK at this show.

Oct. 11th, by the way, is the opening day/preview night of NYCC 2012, so any of you in town for the Con will be able to scoot easily over to Yoyamart, which is on the west side, reasonably close to the Javits Center. See y'all there.

Alien Bio Mecha Kong by Cyberphunkk

Cyberphunkk shares with us this absolutely SICK custom piece based on an 8-inch vintage 1980s King Kong figure. This figure incorporates a new style/method for Emmanuel: it's a mixed media piece with new painting techniques and clear coat layering he has been testing.

The Story Comes alien race of bio mechanical parasites decides to take over earth.
using its world most powerful creatures and monsters to their advantage by taking over their bodies and bio mutating them into hardwired killer alien bio machines set to destroy the humans and conquer earth.

Soul Glo Dunny custom by eeKs

You’ve gotta let your soul glo!

Just let your soooouuuuul glo baby
feeling oh so silky smoov
Just let it shine through yeah
Just let your soooouuuul glo oooo ooo ooooo

eeKs shares with us his latest 3" Dunny: Soul Glo! This custom has clay sculpt, acrylic paint & a gloss clear coat to help keep its Soul Glo drippy fresh! Watch the couch! Buy him in eeKs' shop.

Also found on eeKs' site: Cool D(unny). Dig this sculpt:

Dead Rand Toys Gread keychains available now

Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys has expanded his popular Gread character design to include these new Gread keychains, which are cast out or resin much like the Gread figures themselves. Many colors available, including the glitter flourescent colors seen here. Only $5 each and you can buy them here.