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March 15, 2012

Licensed Public Zoo apparel by Evy of California

A buddy of mine who runs Evy of California just showed me their lineup of apparel under the Public Zoo license... if you dig So So Happy, you'll love The Public Zoo. Check em out on Facebook.

Here's their PZ apparel and below is a sweet video from the Public Zoo YouTube channel:

Jacob JAMS Mutation resin figures

 Jacob JAMS' Mutation X51-Z resin figures are now available in his web store! A whole rainbow of brightly-colored resin colors available... as well as DIY white for you customizers looking for the next big platform to tear up! 3.5 inches long, $15 each. Go check out all the SWEET resin figures by 11-year-old Jacob in his shop here!

Zukie custom Dunnys! Hurry!

Check out these sweet custom Zukie Bunny Dunnys by Alison Perez! You see 5 here but 2 are sold already... hurry to her store to grab the last few!

Walt Mickey custom by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski isn't all nuggs and thugs... here he flexes his considerable painterly skills with the custom Mickey vinyl figure by PlayImaginative. Walt Mickey features a dead-on portrait of Walt Disney on Mickey's face. Damn eerie, and beautiful. I am sure Walt would have loved it. 

Next, Ian will sculpt Walt's disembodied, cryogenically frozen head in a jar.

Follow Ian on Facebook here and check out the rest of the customs in this show here.

Sevren custom Horselington for Pranay

 Pranay Parikh sent us these images of another Horselington he had commissioned for himself: this one by his buddy David Ten aka Sevren. Awesome, beautiful work. I like the wooden apparatus he built to hang the piece... it lends some fine-art credibility to the custom toy. We're always searching for credibility and mainstream acceptance, aren't we? 

(All you rebellious punks out there know how hard it is to make a living doing your punk rock, "F the establishment!" artwork. Rebelliousness is cool but every once in a while you gotta make sure you make a piece designed to sell. Or else you can't afford to buy paint for the next "F YOU!!" piece you wanna do.)

I bet Matt Anderson digs this Horselington. Matt did a pretty damn fine Horselington custom himself, also for Pranay.

As an aside, lest y'all think I'm advocating on behalf of boring, mainstream art... remember that I'm writing a blog about art toys. And you're reading it. Which means we're both weirdos.