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March 5, 2012

Shawn Wigs Silly Rabbits Dunny Series: BALD

These sweet customs are BALD's entry into Shawn Wigs' Silly Rabbits Blind Box Dunny Series. 
Blind boxes from this series are available for purchase here.

TYO Toys' MQ Chevy Van

This is a 1:64 diecast Matchbox Chevy Van with MQ artwork on both sides. 

Originally cast in 1979 by Matchbox/Mattel, these blank vans sat for years forgotten in the stock room of a warehouse in New Jersey. TYO discovered them in 2011 the VanDal series was born.
The first participating artist is MQ, see more of his work at and

I really dig this type of piece- way before I discovered designer toys, I used to collect Matchbox and Hot Wheels in a big way. Apparently my Mom potty-trained me by bribing me with a Matchbox car. Seriously. I couldn't even make up a story that embarrassing.

Splurrt Ugly Unicorn Exclusive Series

Splurrt has been working closely with Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys lately on a few cool toy projects. These are Splurrt's exclusive custom Ugly Unicorns:

Is the Ugly Uniorn crazy, angry, extra hungry for cupcakes? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, he's uglier than ever.
I've sculpted the pupils and tongues onto every Ugly Unicorn by hand using epoxy resin. Every expression is 1-of-a-kind, They are finished with air brush sprays.

You can purchase the Splurrt Ugly Unicorns here.

Back to Daylight custom Munny by Los Agge

 Just got these images of a cool custom 7" Munny by an artist I had never heard of Los Agge (aka Aggelos Gargavanis). Back to Daylight was painted with acrylics and it's for sale here
Love discovering new artists to post about!

'Nam Dunny Series by DCAY

'Nam Dunny Series, originally uploaded by DCAY574.
Matt "DCAY" Melville sends us images of his newest work: the 'NAM Dunny Series! 
Matt writes: 
I'm an artist from South Bend, IN (real close to Chicago). I have a background in graffiti and other forms of art. I have been customizing since 2007 and I feel that I am ready to show my stuff to a bigger audience now.
The fist pics are of my newest series 'Nam, a set of four 3" Dunnys. If I get enough positive feedback or if people what another one, I will set up a "draft" and enlist new troops.
To see more pics of this series, and other work by DCAY, click here.

Droid Uprising custom Android by nati513 in stock

Our first custom toy by Bengi (aka nati513) is this Droid Uprising custom 3" Android figure!