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February 28, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Domo Qee Series 4 revealed- actual product shots!

You saw it here first! Actual product shots of the upcoming Domo Qee Series 4, arriving in late April 2012. These are 2" tall blind-boxed Domos, manufactured by Toy2R and distributed exclusively by Dark Horse. Price for one BB will be $8.99, and we'll also open some up to sell open box. We offer very competitive pricing on open-box Domos. 
To see the Domos we have in stock right now, click here.
We also have some 4" Blacklight Domos, and a Domo & Friends Boxed Set, incoming right now. More posts on those soon.

Preorder Gary Baseman Buckingham Warrior - Wolyner Forest Warrior

Click here to preorder Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warrior - Wolyner Forest Edition. This epic 12" figure is shipping to us in April. We're offering free domestic shipping on this one. Very few available. We'll throw in a free Baseman mini figure from his Toby's Secret Society series.

MeSmithy dropping 2 new KayNids and a final Anubis on Friday

Our advertiser Megan Smithyman (MeSmithy) writes in to let us know about this upcoming Friday's release in her shop: two new KayNids and the last Anubis figure she'll be making for a while. The two KayNids are Demon Dog (red) and Moon Fox (blue). The release will be at 9pm EST on February 29th. Mark your calendars! If you'd like to keep up with MeSmithy and her awesome stitched customs, shoot her an email or DM her on Twitter and she'll add you to her email list.