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February 27, 2012

Apple from Beyond custom by OsirisOrion

As the curator and organizer for his own Bad Applez custom show, you'd expect OsirisOrion to create a stunning piece... He didn't disappoint! Osiris' signature multi-color metallic paint is in full, brilliant effect on this piece, which he titled "Apple from Beyond". 

Osiris writes:  I used magic sculpt, bamboo sticks, and Monster Kolor paint on this custom. He's approx. 4 inches tall and priced at $125.00.

You can buy OsirisOrion's custom apple here.

Bad Applez custom by Ian Ziobrowski

You know how that old saying goes: 
"Give a man an apple, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to customize an apple, and he'll turn it into a monster. Give Ian Ziobrowski an apple, and he'll smoke weed out of it." 

Not sure if I got that saying exactly right... but I'm sure the last part is right. This is Ian's entry into the Bad Applez Inc custom show. In typical Ian fashion, the piece is both aesthetically pleasing and also works within the framework of his NUGGLIFE world. You can buy this piece here.

KidMutant X custom by Don P

Don P is killin it with this one. Love it. 
He does commissions so hit him up on Facebook here.

Jon Walsh and ServeEm blind Mini Munny trade

Gremlifly Mini Munny custom by ServeEm
A customizer named Jon Walsh recently got in touch with me about a Mini Munny blind trade be did with ServeEm. Both of these guys are boardies on the KR forums, which is a hotbed of customizing and custom toy industry interaction.

The Incredible Mini Munny custom by Jon Walsh
 Jon writes:
I recently participated in a 1 for 1 Mini Munny trade that I thought you might like to post on your site. Here is the background information:

Late last year ServeEm and myself decided to a blind trade, with each of us creating a MunnyWorld figure for the other person. We had free reign to do whatever we decided and once complete we would ship to the other person without them seeing the piece finished. I received my piece first from ServeEm, a Gremlifly, which is part gremlin, part butterfly and 100% awesome. (see more pics here)

My piece was a little delayed as it took a USPS detour north of it's destination but did arrive safely. His name is The Incredible, a killing machine built with pure chaotic genius. Unfortunately he is destined to destroy all of his owners at some point, so ServeEm better beware. (see more pics here)

We both can be found on the CTU and KR forums and are available for commissions. My contact address is

Looks like a sweet trade for both of these guys! It's neat that people can meet up online and develop enough trust to send along precious customs to each other. 
To find out more about these customizers, check the following links:

Jon Walsh (j0nwalsh on the CTU and KR boards)