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February 13, 2012

JellyBot Valentine's Day Collection for sale Feb 14th

Are you seriously still trying to figure out what to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day?
Shame on you.
Thankfully, Selina Briggs from the Jelly Empire has you covered: these sweet Valentine's Day JellyBots will be available in the Jelly Empire shop tomorrow, Feb 14th. 
That's Valentine's Day, you clod. Try to keep up.

Help put the Lil'G Mini Boombox into production!

The Lil’G portable speaker system blends an 80s hip-hop vibe with the millennium’s urban, vinyl-toy look. 

It's always fascinating to watch a passionate artist/creator go through the entire life cycle of conception, prototyping, pitching, promoting selling, funding and finally manufacturing a brand-new product. This is a long-ass process, no matter how you cut it. Just ask Steve Talkowski about his Sketchbot figure, or try preordering a ThreeA toy. You're gonna have to be patient, no matter what kind of toy or product you are waiting on.

I first covered Jason Dollin and his Lil'G Boombox two years ago (February of 2010) when he teamed up with Mini at the Canadian International Auto Show. His Lil'G was but a prototype back then, and the Lil'G product helped jazz up the display that Mini had at the show.

Jason shared with us the trials and tribulations of having to have this brand-new prototype ready for public display. Luckily, he's a resourceful guy and the show went off really well for him.

Now, Jason and his Lil'G are in, perhaps, an even more vital part of the development process: funding and preorders! Jason has teamed up with Ideacious to set up preorders for the Lil'G Mini Boombox. The final product costs $95, and a $5 deposit secures your preorder. Go here to preorder your own Lil'G!

Ideacious is a little different than Kickstarter: Buy now & Make Money Later!
The idea is simple, by pre-ordering a product on Ideacious– that is, putting your money down on an item before it has begun production. Once Lil'G has met it's quote for units, things roll into manufacture. Pre-ordering rewards early buyers with more than just heart-warming feelings – you’ll also earn revenue on every production run after the initial one for the next 10 years!

Here are the stats on the Lil'G Mini Boombox:

- Portable carrying case so you can take it to the BBQ, beach, park or party!
- Device cradle in back to safely hold your music player while you're in motion.
- DIY white so you can express yourself and personalize with your own style!
- Durable retro boombox styled body.
- Dual speakers with great sound. (paper cones *3.600 Ohm / 149.762 Hz)
- Works with any digital audio device equipped with either bluetooth or headphone (AUX) jack. Bluetooth Activation: Double-tap the power button to put it in pairing mode with desired electronic device. 2.0 wireless connectivity Daisy chain capability for wireless stereo.
- Protective and removable speaker grills.
- Lithium-ion battery that lasts around 6-10 hours play time (depending on volume levels). Capacity: 900mAh
- Versatile charging (USB/mini USB).
- Free range controlling, to control Lil'G you use your MP3 device via bluetooth (or) while plugged in using the 8" AUX jack (3.5mm).
- Supporting independent designers. Buying from ideacious supports independent designers and injects fresh ideas and designs into the world. 

I highly recommend supporting Jason in his project- the satisfaction from playing a part in the funding of another person's dream is really tangible and it's one of the main reasons why I've helped fund several such projects. To place a preorder on a Lil'G, click here
Crowd-funding is the wave of the future!

If you want to learn more about Jason Dollin, go check out his website here.

In case you missed it: CTU interviews Ian Ziobrowksi

The Nuggy Growstation (version 1) by Ian Ziobrowski

Rsin customs: Nerviswr3k collab, Skullhead, Rebel Ink, Whisper Bee & Little Lotus project contribution

I love getting emails from my friend Rsin. They're usually dealing with some business or project we have planned, or NYCC, or something. He's always super friendly and asks about my wife and all the usual pleasantries... and then there's "oh by the way, here are some things I've been working on, maybe you can blog some of them" and he'll attach like 6 pictures of some of the most amazing and sought-after custom toys ever made... 
Above we have his contribution to the Army of Snipers / Little Lotus Project, which was funded in part by contributions from artists like the above 10" custom Rsin MadL.

 Next we have a collab piece between Rsin and Nerviswr3k: I think Nervis did the sculpt here, and he sent it to Rsin to paint. Sick.
 Next is a custom Rebel Ink figure, which I happen to know is one of Rsin's favorite sculpts to customize.
 ... and a riff on Rsin's Whispers style, the Whisper Bee, done on an 8" Kidrobot Dunny.
... and finally, as if you weren't feeling faint with envy already, someone somewhere owns this fucking absurd custom 8" Huck Gee Skullhead Dunny. So insane, it's wrong...  well, it's only wrong because that person isn't me. 
Anyway, there ya have it. Drool away at the Rsin awesomeness. 
I happen to know that 2012 is going to be an EVEN BIGGER year for Rsin. Plus he'll be at our NYCC booth again in October. With more space. And doing live art. So maybe, if you are real nice, and real lucky, you'll watch Rsin paint up a figure like one of these in person, in front of your own eyes. Bring your video camera and a wad of cash because there's going to be a lot of cool stuff to buy.

Go follow Rsin on Facebook. He also has a blog and a Flickr page.

Bad Applez Online Group Show Opens February 14

Bad Applez Inc, a company cooked up by Rob "OsirisOrion" Ingellis and Mike "NEMO" Mendez, is having its first group show featuring dozens of apples customized by artists around the world. You are invited to drop by the Bad Applez website tomorrow, February 14th, to view the custom show when it goes live. Be there, no matter what your girlfriend says. She might even like it. I guarantee you will see funny videos by some of your favorite artists, as well as a whole big mess of awesome custom applez. Yes, that is the new, accepted way of spelling the plural of "apple". Deal with it.

Come and be a little BADD on Valentines Day!!.. be sure to come join Bad Applez inc and friends in celebrating our first ONLINE custom show "I'm a Baaad Apple"!
All customs will be for sale on that day, so be ready to pick up a sweet custom by one of your favorite artists! We wold like to thank each and every artist who took the time to participate in this event and to all those who have supported! You ROCK!! The show wIll be up till MAY ! don't be shy, breeze through and say hello! Thank you again people for all your support! 

Rob and Mike,

Love is Dead custom Munny by JFury

JFury send us this sweet custom 7" Munny he's calling "Love is Dead":
My favorite part of this custom is the skull taking the place of the heart says Justin
This custom is for the I Love Munny Show at the Rusted Nail Gallery in Mesa, AZ.

If you like JFury's customs, why not enter to win one? 
It's easy:
Click here and go to his Facebook page and LIKE the page. Find the post I posted there- the picture of his El Cucuy custom Munny- and leave a comment under on the pic of El Cucuy. 
That's it! You're entered to win! 
We'll allow comments all week until Friday night, at which point Justin will tally all the comments/entrants and pick a winner! 
(One entry per person- multiple comments are appreciated but won't get you multiple entries)

Don P Buzz and Guzz King Ken customs

Don P sends us images of his latest commission set: Buzz and Guzz, two customs based on the 3" King Ken mini figures.

Made these two Mini King Kens for a private collector. He wanted an evil Buzz and a custom with my style. This is the result: Buzz and Guzz.

You can follow Don P on Facebook and his blog, and definitely visit his shop.

Mr. Bad Banana by Headplay Toys

I feel simultaneously blessed and cursed to get emails which show me new products before the rest of the collector world... here is a blessing and a curse, rolled into one: Mr. Bad Banana! I must say, aside from the questionable sexual overtones of this character, the detail is amazing. You can see all the pics here. Mr. Bad Banana is made by Headplay Toys, a company you can follow on Facebook.

Color Ink Book Volume 14

Color Ink Book Volume 14 is now available for preorder- only $10 each, arriving in a couple days! Color Ink Book is a series of coloring books with illustrations by some of our favorite toy artists. Volume 14 features artwork by: 64 Colors, Bob Harper, The Chung!!, Dacosta!, Gary Fields, Gary Ham, Jason, Maloney, Kat Brunnegraff, Scribe, Simone Legno (Tokidoki) Steve Talkowski and Tharp. Preorder a copy now for endless fun!

DeeTen Exhibit 13 Munny for Rusted Nail Gallery

This creepy custom Munny by DeeTen was created for an upcoming show at the Rusted Nail Gallery in Mesa, AZ. Here's the backstory:

"This is Exhibit 13, the example of what happens when a robot breaks the Law of Emotion. Her failure was developing feelings to the point were she fell in love. She was tried before the court and found guilty of breaking the law. As you can see she was sentenced to death, so set her remains be a reminder to all robots." - Supreme Chancellor