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February 9, 2012

Geoff Soderberg's Crustacean customs... and Mickey!

I'm like Keithing- I love toys based on sea life. There are so many wonderful sea creatures like jellyfish, crabs, the kiwa hirsute, and all those weird-ass animals that live around the hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the sea floor... they all make for super-interesting collectibles when artists choose to use them. It doesn't happen often. So when Geoff Soderberg sent me some images of his customs, I was stoked to find several of his pieces look like custom crustaceans. Not sure if they're actual painted crab shells, or they're just great sculpts, but I love 'em either way.

Geoff also does non- crustacean pieces, like the Mickey Mouse piece below:

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Scott Kinnebrew Muertos Dunnys sets available now

These Muertos Dunny customs by Scott Kinnebrew need no introduction. I think the pic speaks for itself. Two 2-piece sets available- blue or black- at $80 per set. Buy them here in our Scott Kinnebrew section, and don't wait. I have a feeling these are gonna sell immediately.

MeSmithy KayNid Anubis and Winter Kitsune

We'd like to welcome our newest advertiser, Megan Smithyman, to our blog! MeSmithy is an artist working in CA, utilizing stitched leather to create her unique custom toy designs. In my opinion, once you start incorporating old-school materials in a custom toy, it starts to make that transition from "toy" to objet d'art. It feels legit, for me, maybe because I frequently have to explain that these items are not in fact toys, per se, in the normal definition of the word. Still, a painted piece of plastic is seen, by many people, as a toy, no matter what you say. Throw some leather on there and I think most of those people wouldn't need so much convincing. Handcrafted leather items seem to hold more weight in traditional society, and I think MeSmithy's customs are a wonderful crossover type of product that help legitimize our obsessive toy collecting. 

Plus, I love Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Just sayin'.
Check out MeSmithy's website here. For some really unique custom art toys, keep wtaching MeSmithy's shop. The Anubis figure (top) is for sale, in addition to other pieces.