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February 6, 2012

A Challenge for Nico Deacosta

A collector named Willem recently got in touch with us and wanted us to feature his (still unfinished) custom series he commissioned from Nico Deacosta. While this is very interesting, this is not the usual type of post that I write, so I will let Willem tell the story:

I got addicted to vinyl by a colleague from work.
He introduced me with the dunny's.

And within a month i gathered several dunny's, from different series.
And when i got familiar with the KR boards, the hobby/collection got even bigger...

I got to know some very good artists, who made custom dunny's.
These were even better then the original..

So i started to collect customs.
Fuller, Matt A, Rsin, Ardabus Rubber, Fail2Evolve, Nikejerk and many more..

Then i got to know Nico Deacosta aka Likhang Pinoy.
A very good artist..

I asked him if he could do a theme, a set of 12 3"dunny's
And he accepted the challenge..

And i must say, his work came out better then i could dream...
Gratz for Nico!!

Sounds like Willem has good taste in customizers! These Dunnys are pretty sweet. I'm diggin that Carnage one myself. By the way, I'd love to explore Nico's blog in order to flesh out this post, but it's set to private.  Click here if ya wanna see for yourself.

Voodoo Bud: the second Tribesman from NEMO, for sale now

NEMO has released the second of his Three Tribesmen series: the Voodoo Bud! Based on a cheap plastic platform called Doodle Budz, this 3 to 4-inch tall vinyl figure features crazy troll hair, a loincloth and bright paint work. This piece is for sale here on our NEMO page, where a whole slew of one-of-a-kind customs are available (including the first Tribesman).

Plaseebo custom Garamon for GAGAMANIACAL show

Plaseebo sends us images of his latest masterpiece:

Here is my custom Garamon for the GAGAMANIACAL show that opens this Friday February 10th at FOE Gallery (Northampton, MA).

14" high glow in the dark vinyl with inset eyes and an internal color changing LED unit that has a "metal controller rock"  located in the modified back of his head that functions as the switch to turn the Led unit on and off. He also comes with his bud, The Skulloctopus From Outter Space, a 3 1/2 high clear vinyl custom with glass eyes and a switched LED unit in his head. Both pieces in the set are hand panted and signed.

Bob's work is fucking nuts.  This is a 14 inch high figure in GID vinyl, which also has an internal color-changing LED. Meaning, this thing glows in two ways. Nuts.

I think Bob is from outer space. What a cool dude.

Custom Horselington by Alison Perez

Recently we covered some Zukie World sculptures by Alison Perez. We also covered Matt Anderson's Horselington. Not to be outdone, Alison then sent us pics of her own Horselington custom! Definitely cool enough to get some page time here on this blog! It's too bad the Horselingtons didn't get this much love a couple years ago when they were first released... I think this platform is an interesting one.

Alison wants everyone to know that no panda was hurt during the creation of this custom.
Alison's links are as follows:

choke - urban creation street art umbrellas

choke is a new "street art" umbrella brand featuring art by artists spanning the globe.  

alone from Tehran, Iran, cabaio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and papermonster from here in NYC are the three artists currently adorning choke's umbrellas.

You can also follow choke on Facebook.

Fungi Men Mini Munny custom by Cyberphunkk

Cyberphunkk send us images of his cool new custom series called Fungi Men. This custom was inspired by the character Matango from the movie Attack Of The Mushroom people by

This custom is based on a 4-inch Mini Munny figure, but Cyberphunkk says there will be more figures in this series coming on other platforms. 
You can buy this custom here. More images are on his Flickr here.

Jacob JAMS Dropping Jaw Exclusives in stock now

In our last blog post we teased our blue resin exclusive Dropping Jaw figure by Jacob JAMS- and here it is! At 2.5" tall, our exclusive Tenacious Blue Dropping Jaw figures are hand numbered and signed, and come bagged with header card. This Exclusive is limited to 5 pieces and priced at $15 each. 

The artist, Jacob Siegelbaum, is 11 years old and I would love to tell you that this is his first rodeo, but amazingly, it isn't. Jacob has been selling his resin figures to friends and classmates with great success. Tenacious Toys is the first shop to be given a Jacob JAMS exclusive. You can see the rest of his work here on his website.

Support your local artists! You can purchase a Tenacious Toys Exclusive Dropping Jaw here. Jacob will also be participating in the Bad Applez online group show going live February 14th. Click here for a sneak peek.