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February 2, 2012

Kings of Seasons Dunny series by Fuller: final product

Fuller sends us images of his completed Kings of Seasons Dunny Series. Not surprisingly, the finished product looks EXACTLY like his illustrations. Look at those wild colors! I'm so impressed by Fuller's work- he releases these concept illustrations and then simply carries them out perfectly. It's insane.

The Kings of Seasons series is sold out... sorry! Certainly worth posting about, though. If you missed these figures, keep an eye on Fuller's shop for future preorders going up. Seems to be the only way to grab some of his work.

New Humphrey Mooncalf and Mork figures by Pobber Toys

The latest and last colorway of Humphrey Mooncalf, the Entertainer, is now available for us to purchase. Price is $90. This colorway is limited to just 100 pcs and comes in an outlandish red-black suit. Email us if you want one.

The Dapper colourway of Humphrey Mooncalf is now available to us again- this is the last batch left.
Limited to just 250 pieces and priced at $85. Email us if you want one.

Also, the first Mork figure, Prisoner 913, is now available to us. This was pre-released at NYCC 2011 and the stock brought in for that con sold out.
Prisoner 913 is the good half of the Mork brothers and is decked out in a white-black jumpsuit.
Limited to just 100 pcs and priced at $65- email us if you want one.

Rampage Toys GID Rainbow Ugly Unicorn release tomorrow (Friday)

How wild is this GID Rainbow Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys? 
Release is tomorrow, Friday, February 3rd in the Rampage Toys shop!

SNEAK PEEK: RunDMB x JPK x Ume Toys "Project X"

It's called "Project X" because it has no name... but look at this thing! With sculpting like that, who needs a name anyway? This sculpt is based on a sketch by RunDMB (David Bishop) and JonPaul Kaiser, and cast into resin by Rich Page of Ume Toys.

Here's what Rich had to say:
At the tail end of last yeat I had a conversation about a possible sculpt/resin toy based on a sketch from David Bishop (@rundmb) and Jon Paul Kaiser (@jonpaulkaiser).

I've sculpted him up - a few tweaks to come that will include articulation for his arms and head (which will also be reshaped a little) - I took him down to KidRobot London last week and everyone seemed to like him a lot. We are thinking of a small run for ourselves and selected friends to custom and hope to put a little show on for the launch - after that a ltd run of resin blanks should be up for grabs (no prices yet).

Black Magic II Dunny series by Fuller

Fuller's sweet Black Magic II series releases in April- he's currently accepting preorders here. These look freaking amazing- Fuller deftly executes both the illustration and customization aspects of his product design.

I had so much fun making the first series I wanted to do another with new characters using 3" Dunnys. Characters include Priest (variant), Shadow, Bayou Witch, Gator, and Zombie Stew. They are up for preorder in my store at only $65 each and they come with a 4"x6" print. Series releases in April 2012 and only five of each design will be made.

Baby Zukies and Zukies World sculptures

Alison (aka Miss Zukie) emailed us to show us her new line of sculptures called "Baby Zukies." Baby Zukies small 3" x 3"x 3" sculptures made of sculpey, real egg shell and hobby grass. Each comes with a case which protects the sculpture. There are only 3 available in this series: Red, Yellow and Blue.
All Baby Zukies are $60 + shipping. Click the link here to go to the Zukies store.

The next product is called "Zukies World" which are also small 3"x 3"x 3" sculptures made of sculpey and hobby grass with a protective case. The 3 colors available are Baby Blue, Purple and Green. All Xukies World pieces are $60 +shipping. Click the link here for Zukies World.

Here are the links to follow Miss Zukie:

Bacteria Infects The Plaseebo Mummy LOTTERY

This is a lottery for the chance to purchase a unique mash-up edition of the Plaseebo Mummy from the US and The Bacteria monster from Monster Love of Mexico.

Each of the 5 customs in this Ultra Limited edition has been hand built and hand painted by Bob Conge. Signed and numbered.

They are 6" high seated / 8 1/2" prone, glow in the dark vinyl, with a motion activated color changing LED unit in the Bacteria. Offered at $200 each.

To enter the lottery for a chance to purchase one of the 5 Infected Mummies, send your Name, Address and Email address Bob at Plaseebo. ENTRY DEADLINE  is Wednesday FEBRUARY 8th.

Be Mine custom by DAVEMARKART

DAVEMARKART has created the perfect Valentines Day gift: 

"BE MINE" is a custom vinyl toy which stands about 5" tall. The piece was created using super sculpey, then hand painted with acrylics, base, roses, and the sign was also created using super sculpey. The piece has been coated with UV protective matte finish and eyes have a high gloss finish.

"Be Mine" can be purchased at Dave's online store.  Also check out Dave's Facebook page as he is currently working on Series 2 of the "Corporate Monsters" to follow up on the sold-out Series 1.