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January 27, 2012

Legends of MIMOBOT Collection 1: Albert Einstein USB drive

Legends of MIMOBOT Collection 1: introducing the Albert Einstein USB drive by Mimoco!

RAMPAGE x Splurrt Guardian Daemon Cadaver Kids

Hello!, originally uploaded by

I think these were released on Thursday night, Japan time. The Rampage Toys shop says they're sold out. I guess... you can't sleep on Rampage Toys releases. It would be beneficial for you, if you're a fan, to follow the Rampage Toys Flickr account, where WIP projects are posted prior to their release in the shop. Jon's making some seriously crazy-looking toys over there in Japan.

BadApplezInc | Doodle Buds Custom by NemO

Uhh, a 3.5" custom Doodle Budz by NEMO for only $45? That's a steal!

Devillez custom 3-inch Kidrobot Bot by Don P

Don P sends us these images of a recent commission: a 3" Kidrobot Bot he calls Devillez:

I present you Devillez.....he is the devill under the bots. He likes to eat gold dipped in blood. He kills everyone that he doesn't like with his tail.

Sounds like one bad little dude. Check out Don P's shop here.

Taylored Curiosities handmade scented plushes

Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities send us these images of her line of small, cute plush figures.

I design and hand make plush toys called Feelings.  Each one has a different personality and is scented to help with various problems that may affect people on an every day basis.  I have a background in Aromatherapy, Psychology and Physiological Science as well as being from a family of tailors, so combining these skills I created this line of plush, which has plenty more to come in the future.  I have had a really positive response from them so far and people are coming back to me and saying that they are in fact making a difference in their lives.

If you're interested in Penny's work, you can find her Curiosities on Etsy, Facebook and her blog.

THUG Stormhammer and Thug-gy

Hey look- a blog post where I don't even have to write anything descriptive, cuz the manufacturer sent a GIANT, complicated graphic in the email! THUG's new Stormhammer looks sweet. 
I bet Kris Dulfer and Matty Boombatty would both like this one. They both seem to enjoy creating figures with drill heads and hands.
Below is the previous release, the Thug-gy sculpt. I guess both are available as DIYs as well. DKE is distributing so all of us retailers have access to these figures. Oddly, despite a plethora of information included in this graphic, SRP is not mentioned.