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January 26, 2012

Your Dream Life: reality TV show casting call for aspiring toy designers

Just got an email from a lady named Julie who's looking for possible contestants for an upcoming reality TV show called My Dream Life. The episode in question deals with people who aspire to become professional toy designers. 

She emailed the right guy.

As far as I can tell, most of you reading this have either thought about becoming a toy designer, or you are actively pursuing this goal. So I'm posting this to give you a lead on a show that might help you towards that goal. Here's what she emailed to me:

Hi Tenacious Toys!!

I am currently casting a new TV show called "Your Dream Life" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career. One career in particular that we are looking at is: Toy Designer. I wanted to see if you know of any aspiring toy designers who might be interested in this opportunity - these people should not be currently making their living as toy designers.

This is a great opportunity for people who may be under-qualified for jobs at major toy companies but are still passionate about toy design.

Thanks for any help you're able to provide.

Julie Knapp

(Hey, listen, if Morgan Phillips can work the reality TV industry to his advantage, maybe you can too!)

Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser video by Super7

Dammit, how can Super7 be THIS cool? I mean, this Casket Cruiser, featuring their character Rose Vampire, is one of the coolest toys I've ever seen. Great video too. Screw you Super7 for being so cool. You were probably out behind the gym in a leather jacket, leaning up against your El Camino and smoking with the cool kids before football practice...

Kidrobot Fatcaps Series 3 arriving Jan 27th

Look for Fatcap Series 3 blind boxes and sealed cases for sale in our Kidrobot section on Friday the 27th! This series features designs from: DEVIOUS, Flying Fortress, JPK, Julie West, KaNo, Kronk, MCA, MTN, Pez, Quisp, Queen Andrea, Scribe, SHOK-1 and Sket One. Calling this a super-star roster would be an understatement. The designs look killer. Stoked.

Slime Greads by Dead Hand Toys- preorders Jan 31

Our friend and associate Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys sent down these pictures of his next Gread resin release- the Slime Greads! It looks like he's using a combination of tinted and opaque resins to get the look of the figure emerging from a puddle of slime... pretty bad-ass. 

Here's the info, direct from Brian:

As some of you may have already seen, I've been working on some new Gread figures. This time around, each figure will be sitting in a little pool of "slime". No paint, just resin. Pretty straight forward.

The sale, however, won't be like anything I've done before. For this particular release, the figures will be made to order. You will get to choose from at least a couple colors for the Gread, and several colors for the "slime". I have not decided on final colors yet so you will have to just come by on release day to find out what your options are. I could go with just a few colors for each, or I could get out of hand and give you way more choices than you really need.

On to sale info and pricing: preorders begin on Tuesday, Jan. 31st at noon EST. Price will be $20 each + flat $3 shipping in the US. Bagged with a header card as always.

*NOTE - Photos are of test figures only. As these will be made to order, I can't very well show finished products yet.