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January 16, 2012

Davemarkart There's a Lil Monster Inside Us All

DAVEMARKART aka Dave Webb has been creating like a madman... his latest piece "There's a Lil Monster Inside Us All" stands almost 5" tall. This one was created using Super Sculpey and then painted with acrylics. It has a matte finish with high-gloss eyes. You can purchase this piece here:

Dave's Corporate Monsters series, which was a Tenacious Toys Exclusive, is now sold out after 2 days.

You can keep up with Dave on Facebook:

Bad Applez launching with "I'm a Bad Apple" online group show

My friends and talented artists Mike NEMO Mendez and Rob OsirisOrion Ingellis are celebrating the launch of their company Bad Applez Inc. with an online group show they're calling "I'm a Bad Apple." Bad Applez Inc. is currently self-producing resin figures as well as garage kits that harken back to the good old days of DIY toy creation. 
Going live on Valentine's Day (February 14, for us idiot guys who might actually forget the date), the Bad Applez show will feature the works of 30 talented artists. You might have surmised that an apple will be the platform for this show- not rotten old real apples, but nice cheap plastic apples that NEMO found. You might have seen some of them posted on Facebook by the artists that received the platforms! 
Watch for more info posted here, on the Bad Applez site and lots of other blogs!

Fraziel in the Daylight custom by ValleyDweller

Fraziel in the Daylight., originally uploaded by valleydweller.
Jeremy Dale aka ValleyDweller has updated his Flickr page to show what he's done in 2011- a year in review set, basically. Dude's been busy. His customs are tight. Check them out here. You can also follow him on Twitter: @valleydweller

JC Rivera x TazX Oozie Huntmouth collab customs

Our friend JC Rivera has teamed up with TazX on these awesome Oozie Huntmouth custom pieces. I'm telling you, everything that JC touches turns to gold. The extra added gooey, monster-y flavor of TazX's style make these 2 pieces incredibly special. You can purchase them here in JC Rivera's shop. Don't sleep; I bet ya these will sell within a day or 2. JC says:
TazX and I worked  on a 3" Dunny and a mini munny. We wanted to combine our styles to see what would come up from it. We created some creatures that we called them Oozie Huntmouths.
These are Half Rusted Machines and Half creatures.