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January 11, 2012

Resin figures by Jacob Siegelbaum

This is Jacob Siegelbaum, son of local photog Matthew Siegelbaum (Strongtree Images). I met the Siegelbaums at the Almighty Dunny Show in Brooklyn a while back... Matthew is a collector but I think what drives him even more is the fact that his two sons also enjoy collecting art toys. Here is a perfect example of what this industry needs to progress: families getting involved in the creative process. Jacob (with Matthew's help) has created several different sculpts and poured them into resin figures. I'm super stoked to blog about this project- I bet you if Jacob sticks with this, he'll be casting resin alongside Eric Nocella Diaz and Matt Anderson before too long. Maybe I should get this kid involved in our next project?
Dropping Jaws by Jacob Siegelbaum

Battle Grubs by Jacob Siegelbaum

Custom Zombie Robber Dunny by Justin JFury Phillips

This sweet 8" custom Dunny by JFury is just one of many, many customs he's been working on lately. This newcomer just started customizing toys in 2011! He's banging out customs left and right, with his preferred "evil clown" characters popping up in many different iterations. I think clowns are hella creepy, so I really enjoy these customs. Justin placed 3rd in the Hardest Working Category in Kidrobot's Munnyworld contest. Not bad for a guy who started customizing in 2011. 
Below you can find JFury's links so you can check out the rest of his work online, buy customs from his shop and stay in touch with him:

Ian Ziobrowski Grindroid Android x Dunny mashup

My man Ian Ziobrowski came up for air the other day and sent us these images of a commission he recently completed: the Grindroid is made from a 3" Dunny and a 3" Android figure. Ian says the Grindroid is "one of the most unique pieces of machinery NUGGS have ever owned.  What "Grindroid" does is chomp then mulches to produce some of the finest butters in town. This robot is responsible for some of the best, most desirable snacks in NUGGLIFE!"

If you don't get that reference... sorry. 
I'm not going to explain to you how to make proper spacecakes on this blog.
If you want to get in touch with Ian, you can hit him up via email here. He's a busy dude but as you can see, his commissions are worth the wait! You can also hit him on Facebook, check his work out on Flickr and visit his website, which is under construction but nearing completion!

By the way, Ian will be rolling out a resin toy this year with the help of Matt Anderson. So... get ready.

ThreeA Punter Bot Sniper BBCIN Exclusive

ThreeA Punter Bot Sniper BBCIN Exclusive