December 16, 2012

Free 3D Model from Shinbone Creative

3D maestro Scott Wetterschneider (one of the folks behind Shinbone Creative) was kind enough to give a great peek behind the curtain of how his process works by giving away a 3D model! This was done as a lesson but wouldn't look out of place on the shelf.  Grab it here in .obj and .ztl (if you don't have ZBrush, you should be able to use Sculptris or Blender - both free - to open the file).

Everyone with a genuine interest in making production quality toys should at least be conversant in some form of 3D modeling.  This isn't a "gloom and doom" prediction for traditional sculptors, it is a tool just like anything else.  I hope you will take my advice - stop worrying and love the bomb!

More on Shinbone Creative's process on Facebook and Twitter