December 18, 2012

Buff Monster Products Galore!

Buff Monster, the master of pink, is releasing a bunch of very cool products on his site at 10am EST, Wednesday, December 19th. Just back in NYC after a quick stop in Paris for Be Street Weekend, along with Hydro74 and Lamour Supreme, Buff Monster is releasing a bunch of goodies. Everything from a cool Buff Monster tote, several Melty Misfits T-shirt designs, a Melty Misfits tank top, a cool Buff Monster calender, and even a David Healey collaborative resin toy. The header bagged resin toy is hand cast and painted in NYC and is glow in the dark with only 10 made. I imagine that these toys are going to sell out quickly. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing for anything and all of these products are only going to be available online through Buff Monsters store.
Buff Monster Swag!
GID "Sue" by and Buff Monster, Limited to 10 pieces

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