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July 27, 2012

"THE GREASER" by Davemarkart

"THE GREASER" is a custom 7 inch Munny and features a black leather jacket with "T BIRDS" logo on back from the movie GREASE. This custom is available in his shop (link below).

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July 26, 2012

Bob Conge in The Toy as Art, opening tonight in Mass

 This show looks pretty sweet... and it's opening tonight! Bob Conge emailed us with images of one of his pieces, titled "The Son Of SUM". 

 "THE TOY AS ART" group exhibition open tonight at the Jarvis Rockwell Gallery, 49 Main St. in North Adams Mass. The show runs through August 26th.                      

David Kraig From A Galaxy Far, Far, Away... Chewie!

Using a 4" Munny to make this amazing Star Wars inspired piece, David Kraig has made one of my favorite customs of the year! Made with super sculpey and acrylics with the unusual but awesome usage of real leather and actual metal this custom "Chewie" has all the bells and whistles. I am loving the backdrop for the promotional photos as well which makes this piece pop even more. If you are interested in purchasing an amazing custom from David Kraig or commissioning one please click HERE.

Sand Dunny by Mike Die

Mike Die is bringing us this great 8 inch Dunny. It is up for grabs in his store!

Sand Dunny, 8 inch Dunny

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Mother Of The Womb By Taylored Curiosities...

Welcome the newest series entitled "The Mother Series" to the Aromatherapy Plush line done by the amazing and talented Taylored Curiosities. Each mother is based on a "Feeling" that was created specifically for the Aromatherapy Plush line. The "Mothers" are 8" tall and have contrasting womb colors with 3 tiny babies sewn into each. Both the "Mother" and "Babies" are scented. The faces are made out of an original sculpt using resin and each is hand painted. Each is a unique hand crafted piece as no 2 are the same since all are made by hand. If you are interested in picking up any of these cute and colorful creations please click HERE

Saiko clan Munny customs by AVATAR666

These guys are looking amazing, a 4 inch Munny and two 7 inch Munnys. Love all the items and the masks are top notch.

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Arts Unknown Making Its Presence Known...

Arts Unknown has shared some awesome test shots of their brand new collaboration with 3 amazing artists! Above is the collaboration with Doktor A, a nice looking female robot with a nasty surprise behind her back. Below the first 2 pictures show the pieces designed by Frank Kozik, which is a safari style rhino and his trusted sidekick mini elephant. The very bottom picture which is my favorite of the 3 and is designed by Gary Baseman is the cute little worm with his tongue hanging out. All 3 designs are limited edition of 350 each. 1 out of 6 of each design will be a secret chase color way. Doktor A and Gary Baseman pieces will retail for $100 and Frank Kozik's piece will be $110. Tenacious Toys will be stocking all 3 of these and if you are interested in getting these for your collection, sign up for our email list!

The Not Ready for Comicon Grimsheep Punishers

Grimsheep could not make these 7 inch Munnys on time for the SDCC, a pity because they rock!

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July 25, 2012

Nerviswr3k custom Dunny offer!

Nervis Wrek is offering an edition of 15 hand sculpt and painted custom Dunnies for $60 each shipped in the US ($70 each International).
Photo is of a custom from a previous edition.

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One Bad Panda Dunny custom by RunDMB

This little 3 inch Dunny by RunDMB is ready to rumble!

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Kid Hired Gun custom Kidrobot Mascot by JFury

One of the most stunning custom Mascots that I have seen to date. This style suits this 7 inch Mascot pretty well. Great work JFury!

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Rampage Toys Wonderfestival Exclusive Dinos!

Summer Festival Dinos!, originally uploaded by

Jon Malmstedt is getting ready to move back to Tokyo! I the meantime, he sends this message:
"What is happening in Tokyo now is a most excellent toy/model festival called "Wonderfestival" - on the 29th of this month. I'll be bringing along a batch of painted orange dinos, some Manotaurs and some RAMPAGE x GRUMBLE toy collaborative awesomeness! You can find me on a corner of a table along with Shirahama, Grody and Velocitron."

INCOMING: Jason Freeny blind-box toys by CAPSL

I've kept this toy series a secret for a LONG time. Saw these items at a trade show in NYC last year. Spazzed out, placed an order on the spot, but agreed not to post images or info until they were ready... so... finally, here they are! The Jason Freeny x CAPSL blind-box series!

These are about 2 inches tall each, and they unscrew in the middle and can be recombined with each other. The insides are hollow so you can carry stuff in them. They're also keychains. Incredibly useful and fun to fiddle with! Our order is shipping to us this week. I'll post a link to our site once they're in stock. Not sure of price (it'll be fairly low) or quantity per case but I'm assuming I'll sell out fast! Check Jason's blog post here.

July 23, 2012

Poison II a Dunny series by Zukaty

Zukaty send us his latest news from his new custom Dunny series Poison II.


Poison series II, this time you will have the "Deadly 7" 5x Black, 1x yellow and 1x red 3" Dunnys sculpted and spray/hand painted featuring real cork stopper, and also available will be the "Legion Dose" 8" Dunny, these will be bagged with header card and bundled with some mini canvas original art work and the "I've been poisoned badge/pin".
Available @
Sunday 22th July 2012
London 10PM - NY 5PM - LA 2PM
3" Dunnys are $75 each + Shipping
8" Dunny is $235 + Shipping

If they sell out and more interest is shown I will run a 24 hour open commission/pre-order, for those collectors that might have missed out, and really want one, these will be made on demand on a 6-10 week waiting list on a first come first served basis.

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twitter @!/Zukaty
Instagram @zukaty

What A Day For A Daydream Dunny by Pause

It's called "What A Day For A Daydream". Complete with real boots, clothes, axe, chopped wood, chest/arm hair, and other Canadian-ness. An amazing piece by Pause. This is an 8 inch Dunny.

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Der Mostli & Herr Krot by Roar With Lukas

Some new work from Roar With Lukas, called "Der Mostli & Herr Krot" a 7 inch Foomi.

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Ninja Turtle Chuckboy by Don P

The latest 3 inch Dunny from Don P.

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