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April 30, 2012

Samara from The Ring Munny custom by Fuller

Fuller sends us these images of his sick 4-inch Mini Munny custom: Samara is the creepy character that crawls out of the well, and the TV, in the horror flick The Ring. Definitely one of my favorite scary movies! You can buy Samara from Fuller's web store here. This 4-inch custom is painted with airbrush paints and acrylics.

The Camo Project: TYO Toys The Camo Project Book & Matchbox Van

Pairing wildlife illustrations with camouflage patterns, NYC illustrator Victor "Vickipages" Roman creates The Camo Project: a self-published book series that is inspiring a fashion and artistic movement in New York City and gaining support among his urban art world friends and like-minded fans. The recently released volume 2 focuses on bird species, providing field-guide information for each feathered illustration and insight on the creature's use of natural disguise,  as well as the history of its man-made camouflage backdrop.

The limited edition TYO x The Camo Project Van commemorates the book series and artistic following with the 1:64 scale diecast Matchbox van. 

While supplies last, each van comes with 1 of 3 buttons. If you find the silver button, you win a  'Camo Project x TYO Print' signed by Vicki Pages. 

TYO stands for "Tag Your Own". TYO Toys sells a number of different blank white vehicles in a variety of sizes that you can buy and tag up without getting arrested. Cool idea.

Android X custom Android by Don P

 Don P is busy executing commissions. Here's one of his most recent: Android X, based on the 3 inch tall Android platform. You can follow Don P here: 

New customs by Dave Webb: Minion, Batman, Robin, Pinhead and more

Recently artist Dave "Davemarkart" Webb transitioned from creating tentacled, toothy monsters to doing TV/movie characters. This one is Minion from the movie "Despicable Me". Above is a WIP shot of a piece by Dave which is, frankly, from several weeks ago. Still, as I play catch-up after our custom show, I wanted to post about the stuff that my artists friends have been working on. A while back Dave bought a truckload of Androids from us and this is the type of piece he has been working on lately. Cool stuff! Check out his Facebook page for images of a Batman and Robin set, Pinhead, and some sick, toothy Munkos.

NINO 3-inch resin toy by Andrea Mancuso

Not much info available on this one but here's what I have: NINO is made of resin and measures 3.1 inches tall. This figure is made by Andrea Mancuso who is from Genoa, Italy. More pics on Andrea's Behance page. I always love seeing new resin pieces. Apparently this one will be available at toy shops soon.

April 29, 2012

Glass Maple Leaves by Eric Toygodd Frank

 Our friend Toygodd is exploring an alternative medium: glass! He's been hard at work in the studio, perfecting his glass art skills. Here are a couple of beautiful maple leaves he's crafted in glass. Next up: TOYS! I've seen several pieces he's been working on in glass and I gotta say, the medium is really interesting. The visual effects achieved in the glass are way different than what's possible in vinyl or resin. Will be posting more about Eric's work soon.

Scott Kinnebrew Futuredores Series 1 Dunnys

Fresh off the Candy Coated Custom Show in NYC, Scott Kinnebrew has once again teamed up with Tenacious Toys for the release of "The Futuredores"

Each 3" Dunny is a custom one-off a designed specifically for epic performance in the business of saving mankind from the grips of evildoers everywhere.

The entire series is now available here on our website. Each piece is available separately except for "The Twins" who come as a set, because seriously, who wants to break up a set... they get all whiney and that just gets irritating after a while.

follow Scott on Twitter @forceodorkness or on the web at

April 26, 2012

Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee Kickstarter Ends May 1

Tenacious Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee by Tenacious Toys — Kickstarter

On Monday, May 1st at 9pm EST our Kickstarter project to secure funding for an exclusive 500-piece run of Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee will draw to a close. We are VERY close to full funding, and with only a couple days to go, we really need your help to hit our mark! Pledging $30 will get you the Uncle Argh NOIR figure shipped to your door once they're ready- that means $30 flat, no matter where you live, inclusive of shipping.

If you're not into Qees for some bizarre reason, we have a $5 sticker pack reward, a $5 papercraft toy reward, a $15 signed mini print by Scott Tolleson, $20 argyle t-shirts, and combo packs which feature some or all of the above rewards. We also have set up rewards that get you discounted credit towards purchases at Tenacious Toys, and 2 of our favorite artists (AW177 and JC Rivera) have even offered up custom toys as rewards for your pledges.

In short, we have a plethora of cool rewards to send out to you in return for your pledge. Your money comes to us in May and goes directly to Toy2R to kick off the production of the Uncle Argh Noir figures! Each reward will be shipped as it is available. This will be our first major collab with Scott Tolleson and our first 500-piece run of anything, so we're really excited to get this project funded and moving. 

April 24, 2012

Shin Tanaka custom Gruntor series drops this Friday

Announcing a very special release on Tenacious Toys: a Shin Tanaka custom series on the Idolz Toys Gruntor platform! Shin customized about 2 dozen of these awesome 3-inch sculpts, and we are blessed with the opportunity to release them in our shop!

Each figure in this Shin Tanaka custom series is hand-painted in a metallic hue that varies across the figure and across the series, and further embellished with heart motif that becomes almost floral in the way it creeps across each figure. 

Every figure in this series is unique. The price will be $50 each and we will release these figures this Friday, April 27th at 10PM EST. Look for these figures to drop in our Idolz Toys section.

To learn more about Shin Tanaka, click here to see his website, or click here to read an interview in Format Magazine. Shin is a Japanese street artist who is perhaps best known for his work in the paper toy world, but he's also worked in vinyl toys and a variety of other categories of art. 

To learn more about Idolz Toys, click here. Idolz Toys' Gruntor figures feature 6 points of articulation and come with a hammer accessory. The feet are removable and the figures stack, and they can even be worn as pendants!

OsirisOrion's video coverage of Tenacious Toys The Candy Coated Custom Show

OsirisOrion - Art and Custom Vinyl Toys: Tenacious Toys Presents "The Candy Coated Custom Show" @ The London Candy Company 4/21/12 NYC

April 18, 2012

Doktor A Chester Runcorn Port Edition

Preorder Doktor A's newest full-size vinyl figure: Chester Runcorn! The Port Edittion colorway is limited to 300 pieces. Click here to preorder, this item will arrive late April.

April 16, 2012

FREE Emilio Garcia workshop and lecture at Drexel University today

Internationally recognized toy designer and illustrator Emilio Garcia will travel from Barcelona, Spain to host a 4-day workshop with students on making designer toys, along with a public lecture and demonstration for Drexel University’s Product Design program, part of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.  Garcia is well known for his jumping brain toys and his design work with international companies such as Hitachi, Diesel, Inditex, Metro, Vans and The North Face.

Garcia will work with Product Design program director Michael Glaser and students from the Westphal College to design a character/collectable type toy that can be printed on the Objet and MakerBot.  The MakerBot printer creates a manufacturing station that allows users to create any type of 3D image and print it from a CAD-generated sketch.  Students will work in teams on a theme-based project that will culminate with a small exhibition prior to Emilo’s public talk on Monday, April 16th at 6:30 pm.

The talk is free and open to the public in Stein Auditorium, 111 Nesbitt Hall (3215 Market St.).  It will focus on the world of collectable toy making, a growing sub-culture taking hold in many of world’s urban centers. Garcia work is published in Taschen Favourite web sites and Web Design Index Books.  His career as digital, multi-media artist moved into tactile forms as a reaction to the digitalization of our cultural and the rapid evolution of technology currently happening in society.

Cheddar, Day Ahead: TaskOne's custom for Playsam 500 show at Super7

 TaskOne shares with us his entry into the Playsam 500- Cheddar, Days Ahead is a custom based on the Playsam Streamliner wooden toy. TaskOne always kills it. 
This show at Super7's San Francisco shop looks amazing- I've seen a ton of sweet customs in this show, like this one and this one.

Task and I are talking about doing a Tenacious exclusive release later this year. Any suggestions?

Trey Anastasio & Akuma from Street Fighter customs by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski shares with us two of his most recent commissions: Trey Anastasio is the guitarist from legendary jam band Phish. The Trey custom pictured above was executed on a 7-inch Munny platform. Super tight work in Ian's signature style, with detailed sculpting and accessories- all hand-made.

Below is a commission Ian did for a customer who wanted to add the character Akuma to his Kidrobot Street Fighter figure collection. As such, this piece is based on a 3-inch Dunny platform. Ian says this one "is a bit different for me... Nothing Nugglife related but still fun."

April 13, 2012

The Tossing Dead game coming from 21st Street Games

The maniacs at 21st Street Games (the same maniacs that created Techno Kitten Adventure) have a new game coming: The Tossing Dead. 
I don't even know what to say about this... it's even weirder than TKA:

The Tossing Dead, coming May 1st to iOS
from 21st Street Games

Chubbs resin figure by WeKillYou

For the 2012 WeKillYou solo show in Los Angeles titled "A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad", this first collaborative figure was created. The figure was hand made and pained by We Kill You and designed by CBNC, a lifestyle brand based out of Los Angeles California.

This figure is one of a kind, hand cast and painted resin collectable by WKY and includes: Chubbs figure, CBNC logo helmet & Skateboard. 
Several colorways are available here.

Chubb CBNC edition
Chubb CNBC edition available here (limited to 10 pieces).

Here's a video from WeKillYou's solo show at CBNC in Los Angeles:

WKY & CBNC from The Sleepers on Vimeo.

Lunabee Tootles 7-inch Munny custom

This sweet little fella is a lonesome wanderer of the forest. Tootles likes leaving little gifts on the doorsteps of his neighbours made from leaves and flowers much to the bemusement of his bloodthirsty, war-loving fellow tribe members. He spends most of his time with the animals and insects of the woodland in particular the bees who happily share their honey with this strange little boy.

Custom Manotaurs and Ugly Unicorns up in Rampage Toys shop

8-inch Custom Manotaur - Greeny. Design and sculpt by Justin Hillgrove. Paint by Rampage Toys.
Sweet Manotaurs, Ugly Unicorns, Zhou-chan, Satou-chan and Cuppies available in the Rampage Toys shop, which seems to be growing by the minute! Such awesome, brightly-colored toys available!

Custom Ugly Unicorns from Studio Uamou Exhibition: mixed parts, vinyl with stenciling and brushwork, matching Satou-chan (vintage sofubi)!

8-inch Custom Manotaur - Shiny. Design and sculpt by Justin Hillgrove. Paint by Rampage Toys.

Tea Feelings by Taylored Curiosities: teacups, resin & scented plush

Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities shares with us Tea Feelings: combining plush, resin and vintage teacups to create these little creatures, bathing in tea, that have similar scents to their full plush counterparts.  

Each 'tea' is a mixture of clear resin, layered with natural additives like rose petals, orange slices or lavender buds and then depending on the size of the teacup, one, two or maybe even three little creatures sit inside. 

These are different from my usual work as they are collectibles and each one will be one of a kind as I treasure hunt for reject teacups that no longer belong to full sets.

The idea is that each type of 'tea' approaches a different aspect of life i.e. Tired tea has an orange scent which can help you feel more energetic and Love tea has a rose scent which makes you feel uplifted (the same as my Aromaterapy Plush).  What do you do when you have a problem? Pop the kettle on and chat it out.  These are based on a similar idea.

Those who follow my work, know how much of an over qualified tea drinker I am and these combine all the aspects that make my work 'me'.  

To follow Taylored Curiosites, click the links below: 

Bryan A. Collins Android commissions available; visit him in FL in late April

Artist Bryan A. Collins sends word that he will be appearing at Pioneer Days in High Springs, FL on April 28th & 29th, selling original art at his booth. Meet the guy and buy some art! I've met Bryan here in the NYC area when he last visited- he's a great guy that I am happy to call a friend. 

You can also order a commissioned Android (like the one you see above) from Bryan by going here, and check out the custom toy section he put up on his Etsy page to see the other figures he's offering.

Acid Flow custom Munny by South African artist The Given

South African artist Abe Viljoen (aka The Given) sends us images of his 7" Munny entitled “Acid Flow”.  Abe writes: This piece started out as some fun for myself, getting back to my roots in graffiti and letting it come out more heavily in my vinyl work. I was quite happy to be creating a toy with only myself to please, but I must admit I was even happier when it ended up selling before it was even finished! The toy was officially unveiled at the Toffie Pop Festival here in Cape Town on the 31/03/12.

I must admit, I really dig this old-skool graffiti style with the bubble letters and arrows and bright colors. Follow Abe on his website and on Twitter @givencollective

Don P CyberNinja & Apocaghast custom Dunnys

Don P sends us images of two commissioned 3" Dunnys he just completed: CyberNinja (above) and Apocaghast (below), both are made in his signature Apocalypse-style.

You can follow Don P here:
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