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March 31, 2012

Blast from the Past: Dark Horse Relaunches Good Luck Trolls

From the depths of your child psyche- the innermost, primal areas of your brain that developed when you were an infant- the original, licensed Good Luck Trolls re-emerge to take over your boring desk at your decidedly boring job!

Trolls became one of America's biggest toy fads in the early 1960s, and again over the years in various revivals from many toy manufacturers.

In 2003, Toy Industry Association commemorated them among the one hundred most creative toys of the twentieth century. Also in 2003, a Congressional law allowed the Dam family of Denmark to restore their original U.S. copyright and become the only official owner. After keeping them off the market for nearly a decade, they have awarded Dark Horse Deluxe a license to bring back Trolls in a "mystery box" program.

This all-new assortment of colorful designs, with an array of hair colors and exotic surface treatments from glitter to metallic to flocked, are sure to stun both collectors and casual fans.

These will be blind-boxed mystery figures priced at $7.99 each ($119.85 for the full 15-piece display carton). Releasing in July 2012!

March 30, 2012

Playge GERM s002 [born wrong] available for preorder

 Playge GERM s002 [BORN WRONG] available for preorder now. 
This 6" vinyl/ABS figure includes: Jacket with integrated hoodie, sM4 with removable supressor and sniper scope, sMK23 with removable suppressor, 2 tanto knives, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and as always a removable helmet.
Limit 1 per customer! Click here to buy. Arriving mid-April.

March 28, 2012

Gumdrop by 64 Colors and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi

Every little boy needs a best friend and, if you’re a little marshmallow boy like Marshall is, a gumdrop dog is just about as good as it gets. They’re total BFFs!

Designed by awesome husband-and-wife design team 64 Colors and produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, Gumdrop originally debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2011 as a special glow-in-the-dark version (and sold out quickly). This is the highly anticipated first full series release!

Series One features two face designs (happy and surprised) in six different bright colors for a total of 12 variants. Each Gumdrop retails for $5.95 each and we can get em. Email us if you're interested.

Robunzilla Bellicose Bunny custom by Plaseebo

 Bob Conge aka Plaseebo shares with us his awesome custom of Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny figure: "Robobunzilla And The Atomic Carrot", done for the Bellicosity Show opening at TAG on March 23rd.

Brace Face Mickey by Alison Perez for PlayImaginative

Alison Perez (aka Miss Zukie) share with us the sweet and awkward Mickey custom she made for the PlayImaginative Mickey show: Brace Face Mickey! This Mickey "studies hard and never gets the girl. His favorite thing to do is read the dictionary."
The PI Mickeys are 6" tall and this one has dorky glasses.  
Check out more by Alison here on her blog.

LIL G Boombox promo video

Jasin Dollin has rolled out the promo video for his Lil G Boombox, with the help of Josh Marlar. The music in the video is by Peter Project:  "Rubbing Garbage (In your Face)", from *The Fresh EP
(which was originally released in a bar of soap *random fact). Peter also worked songs for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

What is Lil G and how do I get one?

Another step in the designer toy evolution. Lil'G is a fully customizable designer boombox with bluetooth! Just sync up your mobile or music device and let the music play! With a Lithium-ion battery, Lil'G will play for hours and charge up easily through your USB charger. Stylish and removable speaker grills protect it's high quality dual speakers. You can find Lil'G Mini Boombox at for only $95. Click the link below:

Aztec Warrior Quauhtli 8inch custom Dunny by Tony Gil

Tony Gil just dropped on us these images of his beautiful 8-inch Aztec Warrios Quauhtli custom Dunnys. Limited to 5 pieces, you can find these beautiful customs in Tony's shop here. GREAT color and detail in this one!

Free runner style Aztec Warrior Quauhtli, the eagle of the Aztec Warriors, is ready for war. Battle and his incredible craftsmanship of weapons are his specialties. He will dismember you with his maquahuitl (macahuitl)-the Aztec sword- if you dare step in front of him.
If you want to follow Tony and read more about this custom, check out his blog here.

March 27, 2012

Super Hungry Zukies by Alison Perez

Here are four "Super Hungry Zukies". Made of sculpey, hobby grass, and 3"x 3"x 3" Plexiglas box for protection. They love to eat! 
For more info about Alison and her Zukies, check these links:

16-inch custom Calvin & Hobbes Comic Stripped Qee by VISEone

 I love Calvin and Hobbes. When I was little, my dad used to read the Sunday comics to me and Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite. I collected all the books- still have them all. When I was 16, I got my first tattoo of Calvin on my ankle. My parents weren't too pleased, but it's not like it was a tat of a skull with snakes crawling out of the eyes or something.

When I saw these images of VISEone's latest large-scale Comic Stripped custom, I was floored. Not only is the sculpting of Hobbes dead-on, but the piece has pieces of the comic- literally, for me, pieces of my childhood- incorporated into the custom. I love it. Here's what VISEone had to say in his most recent newsletter:

For decades now I'm reading Bill Watterson's CALVIN & HOBBES and of course I had to come up with a Comic Stripped version for my favorite comic strip.
I decided to cover a 16" Qee with black and white copies on white and orange paper - so no original comic book was harmed!

I added loose brushstrokes to adapt the style of Watterson - I know I will never pay justice to the great Watterson but I tried to capture this style anyway.

Didn't decide yet if this piece is for sale - but offers start at € 650,- including shipping. If someone is interested he/she can contact me and we'll see...

You can email VISEone here.

Uncle Argh NOIR Kickstarter update

Today we've added more high-level rewards ($175 and $500) to our Kickstarter campaign to fund our exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee. We're now about 66% funded, and with only a month left, we need YOUR support to make this project a reality. 

If the high-level rewards aren't your thing, we also have a $30 reward that gets you the Uncle Argh NOIR shipped to your door, no matter where you live. That's a bargain by any measure.

Click here to read more about this Kickstarter campaign, and to donate! No money is charged to your CC until May 1st. Join the Argyle Association today!

MEGA Stormtrooper custom by William Navarro

William Navarro's MegaTrooper is a based on the original Stormtrooper design from Star Wars. MEGA, designed in Dubai by Mo Abedin, is a customizable DIY vinyl figure growing in popularity on a worldwide scale. This Stormtrooper design was made for the Middle East Comic Con 2012 and MEGAs custom contest.

March 26, 2012

Resin care package from We Become Monsters!

We were pleasantly surprised last week to receive this awesome package from Chris Moore: artist, toy maker and sponsor of this blog! Chris Moore runs We Become Monsters and his flagship character is Skelechub, a portly little beast with a sunken, skull-like face. You can see and buy a huge variety of Skelechubs here in the We Become Monsters store.

 In an effort to allow greater collectability of his Skelechub figures, Chris has developed a Mini version of the Skelechub sculpt. The Mini Skelechub is about one thrid the size of the regular Skelechub. Unpainted Minis will cost $9 or $10 when Chris starts rolling them out.
 Also in the package was a bagged and tagged severed version of the regular Skelechub's head- a nice touch that Chris poured this one in a Tenacious Blue tint! The detail work is excellent, the blue is beautiful. Chris isn't sure yet whether he'll do a run of the Severed Heads, but in my opinion, he should. Great sculpt. For now, I have the only one! I guess Chris was cleaning out the Skelechub mold when he poured in the resin, and the head that popped out looked great so he bagged & tagged it and sent it off to me!
 Personalized note on the Severed Head header tag.

 Finally in our We Become Monsters package, we got one of Chris' Slabs:
The SLABs are bascially waste resin. Every time I mix a batch and pour a mold, there is a little left over, a centimeter in the bottom of a cup, an inch, whatever. This was being thrown away. So I looked around for something I'd made that I could make a simple open mold of and at least use the resin for something. I ended up choosing a wood carving that is a few years old. They are around 4x6 and flat, so the entire back of the mold is open and I just pour any extra resin in. Eventually, it is full, and I pop it out and throw it on the slab pile, and go back to casting. 
This means random color/material combos - yours is only almost uniform blue because I started the first layer with the same resin I used on that mini skelechub, and I was trying to get Tenacious Toys blue going there. Since it is all essentially repurposed waste, and many of them will be hideous colors, I decided to make them all freebies. People who like, or buy from the shop, are in the pool of people who will be selected from, randomly, every so often (as often as I can afford) to get one in the mail. People who buy and like the page essential get two chances.
Hilariously, Chris has included some ridiculous warning labels and cautionary statements on the back of the Slab packaging. Good thing he told me, too, because I was just about to run around the apartment holding my Slab and howling at the moon. 

So there ya have it- more awesome resin for my collection. Go visit We Become Monsters to see more, and be sure to Like their Facebook page and buy something from their store to be eligible to get your free Slab!

Movie & Comic Book custom Dunnys & Munnys by David Brodsky

Today we're excited to announce coverage of a new name: David Brodsky, who completed this wide array of Dunny and Munny commissions for the Custom Toy Union. You can find more pieces by David in his shop here. I just went there and the only Munny left at the current time is the 7" Red Skull seen below:

Sweaty Love Munny by eeKs

Time for some green Sweaty Love from eeks! 
Why, you ask? Because everyone loves them some Sweaty Love!
This 4" Mini Munny is now in eeks shop & site, check him out today at

Dave Webb custom Munko WIP & "That's My... Boy!"

 DAVEMARKART's newest piece is this toothy twosome Dave has titled "That's My... Boy!" These 2 figures were sculpted from the ground up (no platform) from Super Sculpey, and painted with acrylics. You can buy the set here in the DAVEMARKART store.

Up for sale next week in our DAVEMARKART section will be a killer custom Munko figure. Here is a WIP shot of that piece. Stay tuned for price and release info!

March 23, 2012

Jumbo Machinders customized with Monster Kolor paint

Look at some Monster Kolor eye candy and listen to a bunch of guys at a barbeque explain the Matrix movies in way too much detail.

JFury custom DragonBallZ and Triumph customs

Vegeta from DragonBallZ
 JFury is further expanding his repertoire with thes two commissions done for a KR boardie:

Here are my latest customs, they were commissions from a KR boardie and they were a lot of fun to do. I personally have never seen a episode of dragon ball z but it was a fun character to do and the Foomi was a perfect platform for it. And who doesn't like Triumph the insult dog!

Let it be known: JFury will now rock your DBZ custom commission. Contact him here.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Bad Ass Vending Machine custom Sketchbot by reddprime

 There's a lot of creative talent in South Africa. Case in point: reddprime is working out of Bloemfontein, S.A., bangin' out sick customs like this Bad Ass Vending Machine custom based on Steve Talkowski's Sketchbot figure. One of reddprime's local shops supporting him is Vinyl Destination, where you can buy this custom. If you want to follow reddprime, click through to his blog. To buy your own Sketchbot DIY figure to customize, click here.

OsirisOrion custom Mickey Mouse for PlayImaginative

I can't tell you how much I love OsirisOrion's paint work. It's mind-blowing. This is his custom Mickey Mouse for the PlayImaginative show. Sick, deep metallic color. Heavy clearcoat makes the paint look so deep that you can dive into it like a swimming pool. Everything he paints looks amazing. Check out this album he has on Flickr. It's just amazing. That's all.

Leecifer x Plaseebo Tropical Night Gamer

LEECIFER "in cahoots with" Plaseebo
"The Greater Tropical Night Gamer" custom edition by Lee "LEECIFER" Gajda is a 7 inch high vinyl Night Gamer which has been hand painted and embellished. This figure is limited to 8 pieces and has glass eye inserts and a motion activated LED unit inside the head, as well as Black Light action.

Thought to be primarily equatorial inhabitants, it's quite rare to see one in Northern climes. These shy and reclusive creatures are easily recognizable by their organically geometric markings, bright coloration, and vestigial wings/ear tufts. Seemingly evoking the oceanic opulence of coral reef patterns and crystal blue waters with a body equally inspired by lush vibrant foliage and the plumage of the rarest of topical birds. Their true beauty can only be appreciated in hand when it's possible to examine the subtle hues of metallic golds, coppers and other reflective colors adorning their skin. An additional epidermal surprise awaits when one exploits the Greater Tropical Night Gamer's fascination for UV/black lights revealing hints of almost incandescent phosphorescent coloration. This small flutter of 8 was lured stateside by Bob Conge and Lee "Leecifer" Gajda for selective collector adoption.

M'Ickey custom Mickey Mouse by alarment for PlayImaginative

 Allan Armenta (aka alarment) shares with us an excellent custom Mickey figure, which he did for the Play Imaginative showcase of their Mickeys. Nicely textured sculpting and detailed paint make this one an extremely well-executed custom! Little dude looks like he's at the end of his rope. Just so all of you know, they way this custom looks is how I feel inside 80% of the time.
Check out more alarment work here.

Shawn Wigs Calendario Dunny customs

 Shawn Wigs has released a whole gang of new Dunny customs based on the Calendario Dunny from Azteca Series II. I liked them so much that I picked up one of the green ones... and my man Foox picked one up as well. You can grab one for yourself, in several colorways, in Shawn's shop here
Also available there are the Silly Rabbits Dunny series which Shawn put together, featuring the custom work of Shawn Wigs, of course, plus Mike Die, Fuller, BALD, Nerviswrek, JC Rivera and Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang. 
We also have some of Shawn's Candy Licker series left in stock here.