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February 29, 2012

Custom Mickeys by Don P and Shawn Wigs

 So PlayImaginative, it seems, has taken a page out of my own playbook and is putting up an online custom show here focusing on their new Mickey Mouse DIY platform. I've seen a ton of cool pieces from my circle of artists (thanks Facebook) but here are two from guys that specifically reached out to me: Don P and Shawn Wigs. Don P's piece above is called WARZONE Mickey. I don't think Shawn named his piece (below) but it's a hella creepy clown. All clowns are creepy to me. You can find out more about Don P here, and you can follow Shawn here (both are Facebook links). To see other customs in this show, go here.

RAMPAGE x Imps and Monsters MANOTAUR sofubi: in WAX!

Manotaur WAX!, originally uploaded by
Jon Malmstedt sends us word from Japan- another project in the works! This is the Manotaur figure he's creating with Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters- a SWEET sculpt if I do say so myself. In terms of the progression of how a vinyl toy is created, it needs to be molded in clay, and then wax. The clay is "waxi-fied", and the wax was at the mold maker as of the 21st of Ferbruary, meaning this project is well underway! The official release is scheduled for the weekend of Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle's Comic Con - starting March 29th. There will be blanks up first, and a really small batch of RAMPAGE handpaints as well.

After the event, anything left will go in the Imps and Monsters site (, and I think Justin might be offering a pre-order now as well. Blanks will retail for $65 - painted versions pricing TBD. You can also follow that link to read the backstory on the Manotaur.

Jon says: Following the initial release of blanks and handpaints, we will be having masks made, and regular runs will be painted in (generally) simple masked paint schemes - with one-offs from Both Justin and myself and RAMPAGE micro-runs on occasion. You can expect some teaming up of the Manotaur and the Ugly Unicorn.

Pictures of the monster, 8 inch Wax Proto can be found on Jon's Flickr:

Shawn Wigs Silly Rabbits Dunny Series drops March 1st

Shawn Wigs Is Back With a Brand New Series Of a 110 Custom 3" Dunnys & 1 Custom 8" Dunny!

This Time I Reached Out for Some Help from 7 Amazing Artist and 1 SUPER STAR ...
Here's the Line up:
Shawn Wigs, Nervis Wrek, James Fuller, Mike Die, JC Rivera & BALD (Bryan Lopez). Plus there will be 6 custom Dunnys designed & signed by Ghostface Killah from The WU-Tang Clan.

The Release Date is set for Thursday March 1st at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

The Series Is Called Silly Rabbits and is a Tribute to The All Mighty Coarsetoys PAW !!!
Paw Is One of My Favorite Figures (& I am A Dunny Fanatic).  Since I seen the Release of Paw Raw I decided to Make a series of Dunnys That Look Like Paw and Send them Out To Some of My Fellow Artist and Give them a Shot Before The Mighty Hands Down 12" Paw Is Available to Smash ... 

The series will be blind box and sold for $90 each ... Buy them in Shawn's web store here.

February 28, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Domo Qee Series 4 revealed- actual product shots!

You saw it here first! Actual product shots of the upcoming Domo Qee Series 4, arriving in late April 2012. These are 2" tall blind-boxed Domos, manufactured by Toy2R and distributed exclusively by Dark Horse. Price for one BB will be $8.99, and we'll also open some up to sell open box. We offer very competitive pricing on open-box Domos. 
To see the Domos we have in stock right now, click here.
We also have some 4" Blacklight Domos, and a Domo & Friends Boxed Set, incoming right now. More posts on those soon.

Preorder Gary Baseman Buckingham Warrior - Wolyner Forest Warrior

Click here to preorder Gary Baseman's Buckingham Warrior - Wolyner Forest Edition. This epic 12" figure is shipping to us in April. We're offering free domestic shipping on this one. Very few available. We'll throw in a free Baseman mini figure from his Toby's Secret Society series.

MeSmithy dropping 2 new KayNids and a final Anubis on Friday

Our advertiser Megan Smithyman (MeSmithy) writes in to let us know about this upcoming Friday's release in her shop: two new KayNids and the last Anubis figure she'll be making for a while. The two KayNids are Demon Dog (red) and Moon Fox (blue). The release will be at 9pm EST on February 29th. Mark your calendars! If you'd like to keep up with MeSmithy and her awesome stitched customs, shoot her an email or DM her on Twitter and she'll add you to her email list.

February 27, 2012

Apple from Beyond custom by OsirisOrion

As the curator and organizer for his own Bad Applez custom show, you'd expect OsirisOrion to create a stunning piece... He didn't disappoint! Osiris' signature multi-color metallic paint is in full, brilliant effect on this piece, which he titled "Apple from Beyond". 

Osiris writes:  I used magic sculpt, bamboo sticks, and Monster Kolor paint on this custom. He's approx. 4 inches tall and priced at $125.00.

You can buy OsirisOrion's custom apple here.

Bad Applez custom by Ian Ziobrowski

You know how that old saying goes: 
"Give a man an apple, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to customize an apple, and he'll turn it into a monster. Give Ian Ziobrowski an apple, and he'll smoke weed out of it." 

Not sure if I got that saying exactly right... but I'm sure the last part is right. This is Ian's entry into the Bad Applez Inc custom show. In typical Ian fashion, the piece is both aesthetically pleasing and also works within the framework of his NUGGLIFE world. You can buy this piece here.

KidMutant X custom by Don P

Don P is killin it with this one. Love it. 
He does commissions so hit him up on Facebook here.

Jon Walsh and ServeEm blind Mini Munny trade

Gremlifly Mini Munny custom by ServeEm
A customizer named Jon Walsh recently got in touch with me about a Mini Munny blind trade be did with ServeEm. Both of these guys are boardies on the KR forums, which is a hotbed of customizing and custom toy industry interaction.

The Incredible Mini Munny custom by Jon Walsh
 Jon writes:
I recently participated in a 1 for 1 Mini Munny trade that I thought you might like to post on your site. Here is the background information:

Late last year ServeEm and myself decided to a blind trade, with each of us creating a MunnyWorld figure for the other person. We had free reign to do whatever we decided and once complete we would ship to the other person without them seeing the piece finished. I received my piece first from ServeEm, a Gremlifly, which is part gremlin, part butterfly and 100% awesome. (see more pics here)

My piece was a little delayed as it took a USPS detour north of it's destination but did arrive safely. His name is The Incredible, a killing machine built with pure chaotic genius. Unfortunately he is destined to destroy all of his owners at some point, so ServeEm better beware. (see more pics here)

We both can be found on the CTU and KR forums and are available for commissions. My contact address is

Looks like a sweet trade for both of these guys! It's neat that people can meet up online and develop enough trust to send along precious customs to each other. 
To find out more about these customizers, check the following links:

Jon Walsh (j0nwalsh on the CTU and KR boards)

February 24, 2012

Gary Baseman Buckingham Warrior - Wolyner Forest Warrior coming soon

The Buckingham Warrior is a defender of strong ideals and a stark reminder to the fragility of our own ecology.  He is a deer who lives in symbiosis with the natural world and when forced to defend the natural order, the Buckingham Warrior can not be defeated.

The Wolyner Forest Warrior is the first incarnation of Buckingham, a righteous deer.
The 12" figure was inspired by Gary Baseman's father, a Holocaust Survivor. Packaged in a closed satin finished box, this figure features multiple points of articulation and comes with severed head and sword accessories.

The price is $115 each and we'll have preorders up next week in our Baseman section.

Camilla d’Errico No Ordinary Love bust coming soon

From the Dark Horse blog:

Artist and designer Camilla d’Errico is exploding across the pop-culture landscape. Her paintings, comics, apparel, toys, and licensed merchandise items are found in trendsetting venues worldwide, and her unique art style sets these items apart from the crowd. Dark Horse Deluxe, a division of Dark Horse Comics, announces the latest step forward for d’Errico, a limited-edition sculptural bust inspired by her painting No Ordinary Love.
Slated for a late June release, the meticulously painted sculpture measures approximately 8 inches tall and 5 inches in width, making it a diminutive but exquisite jewel of a statuette. It is strictly limited to only 950 hand-numbered copies for worldwide distribution. It is packaged in a full-color collector box, with a certificate of authenticity inserted to certify it for collectors.

To read the rest of the article, click the following link:

Will post more info soon about pricing and preorders.

Coming soon: Domo & Friends box set

Just saw this for the first time at Toy Fair a few weeks ago and ordered immediately. A must-have item for any true Domo fan- these are the 3 characters from the NHK channel in Japan.
Based on the characters from Domo TV shorts on Japan’s NHK network, this 3-piece PVC figure set features Domo and his friends Mr. Usaji the wise old rabbit, and Tashanna, the young lady weasel. Domo stands at 4" tall while his friends stand at 3.5". Packaged in a deluxe full color window box.

This boxed set will be $17.99 each and will arrive soon!

JFury custom Tiger Dunny commission for boardie Krash

This sweet Tiger Dunny commission by Justin JFury Phillips was executed at the request of Krash, a boardie on the KR forums. Krash has a ton of cool Tiger customs by different artists. And now one more! Excellent work! This commission inspired JFury to pursue this tye of customs a bit more. Stay tuned!

Don P custom Bot and Android

Don P is pumping out customs left and right! With this sweet 3" Android figure, Don P is playing with the cracked metal look more, sculpting the front and adding some battle damage.

Don P's platform of choice is the Kidrobot Mascot figure: this is a 3" Mascot he calls Thew Apocalyps Slobbe Bot. This one is also done up in Don P's dirty/cracked style. Follow Don P here:

February 23, 2012

JC Rivera custom Calavera Dunny and Munko

JC Rivera has an amazing eye for composition. His delicate custom paint work on the David Choe Munko figure above is exquisite- just enough detail to create a fully-realized  piece of art, yet minimal enough to work perfectly within the simple form of the Munko figure. This piece is about 3 inches tall, and it doesn't come witha crown- that's JC's addition in resin. I suppose the crown is sort of his  signature- he incorporates a crown into many of his pieces.

At the same time, there's noting subtle about the other piece JC emailed to us: this wild custom 8" Calavera Dunny has also been blessed by JC's sculpting and painting. This one was based on a 3" Calavera Dunny JC did last month- it came out so nice that a customer commissioned him to do an 8" version, so regrettably, it's already sold. In typical Benny fashion, I did not make this blog post fast enough to give you a crack at buying the Munko- it's sold as well.

There are, however, still several really cool customs available in JC's shop, so click here to see what's available. He also takes commissions, obviosly. Here are his links:

We still have some of JC's Riker's Island series left in stock- a 3" Dunny series he made for our shop.

tANkDROID custom by Jim Magee

and 4 1, originally uploaded by Jim1297.

Check out more pics of this awesome Android custom, and many other customs, on Jim's Flickr page.


Genuinely disgusting Grubby custom by eeKs

Usually the time I set aside for blogging is while I drink my coffee in the morning, just before I eat breakfast and get on with my day. My brain works best in the morning, and the blog posts are up for people to see them as they start their day.
In this case, I'm not so sure my timing is all that great, as I just woke up and I am now staring at eeKs' custom featuring maggot-filled open wounds. BLARRRRGH! Guess I will skip eating eggs for breakfast.

6" of pure grub worm filled,  grotesque, ill tempered vinyl makes up Grubby. Between scars & the worms, Grubby stays busy being the dirtiest & most vile curmudgeon one could lay eyes on. Check him out in eeKs shop today! in the Custom Toy section.

I've been studying and working with art now for nearly 2 decades, and one concept that is evident throughout the art world is that art is supposed to elicit a reaction from the viewer. That reaction does not always have to be positive (love, calm, happiness, warmth) for the piece to be successful. Indeed, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is a sick, messed-up piece that couldn't possibly make the viewer feel anything good. Yet, I love that painting- it's one of my favorites. It's sick, and it makes you feel sick, and that's awesome. Sorta like eeKs' Grubby. I really am a bit disgusted by that open wound, and that means the piece is successful. Bravo!

February 22, 2012

Corporate Monsters Series 2 by DAVEMARKART in stock now

After the immediate sell-out of DAVEMARKART's Corporate Monsters Series 1, Dave set right to work creating  Series 2 for Tenacious Toys. Here they are, from left to right: the Corporate Death Dealer, the Corporate Bloodsucker, and Two-Faced. Corporate Monsters Series 2 is now for sale in our DAVEMARKART section! Dave outdid himself this time, with complex sculpts and even more detail... This is Dave's first crack at using Mini Munnys as a platform, and they came out great!

Shawn Wigs MATRIX Dunny series

Shawn Wigs shares with is his sweet new MATRIX series, which includes ten 3" Dunnys, an 8" Dunny and two 4" Mini Munnys. 

I'm a little slow on this post so some of them are sold already, but you should click here to go to Shawn's store to see all of them. 

Shawn also let us know that he has an even BIGGER series coming soon- his next project is an artist series:
First week in March I have a brand new series of 110 custom 3" Dunnys & one Custom 8" Dunny.
This time I reached out for some help from 7 amazing artists and 1 SUPER STAR... Here's the line-up:
Shawn Wigs, Anthony Devito, Nervis Wrek, James Fuller, Mike Die, JC Rivera & BALD (Bryan Lopez). Plus there will be 5 custom Dunnys designed & signed by Ghostface Killah from The WU-Tang Clan. The release date is set for March 2nd at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

Scott Kinnebrew resin Buddha Fetts in stock

We now have a wide selection of Scott Kinnebrew's 4-inch resin Buddha Fett figures in stock, each in a unique, one-off colorway. The one pictured above is the Rainbow colorway, but there are also such gems as Peppered Mango, Rotten Citrus, and my personal favorite: Unicorn Vomit. At only $20 each, these are selling fast. Click here to see which ones we have left!

February 19, 2012

Terminator Che by TaskOne

From the twisted mind and capable hands of artist TaskOne comes Terminator Che! The original Dead Che bust was designed by Frank Kozik and sculpted by Brin Berliner. This custom piece has been "reinterpreted" by Task, with photography seen here by Brad Topolewski. Pretty damn evil. 
You can follow Task at the links below:

February 18, 2012

Glass Mini Destroyer: Toygodd dives into alternative medium

You might remember the Destroyer figure- it was a 5" resin figure produced not long ago by Argonaut Resins for an emerging artist named Oh Negative. Oh Negative turned out to be none other than the Almighty Toygodd- Eric Frank, editor and writer of the Toygodd, Hangar 3A and Vinyl Shack columns on Action Figure Times. If there's anyone who covers as many different topics in the toy industry as I do, it's Toygodd. I hang out with him several times a year when he comes to town for the Toy Fair and NYCC.

When Toygodd was here a couple weeks ago, he showed me his latest creation: a mini 2" version of his Destroyer figure, but this time in glass! Glass is a medium that is being used a little bit these days, but no one is making figures as detailed as Toygodd. They are super heavy, and cool to the touch. Such a fun medium! He even melted GID powder into a few of them and I can personally sttest to the fact that once you charge the GID ones up, they glow INSANELY bright. They even have an inner glow visible in a lit room- it looks like a tiny lightbulb. Watch for more info on the evolution of these figures, both on Toygodd's blog and mine.

SNEAK PEEK: Secret project teaser!

Teaser! We're partnering with Brian Ahlbeck to put together a secret project. This piece, by Rich Page of Ume Toys, is one of the first pieces we got back. 
More teasers and more info on this project coming soon. 
(I will entertain guesses in the comments section of this blog post.)

February 17, 2012

Coming soon: Misfit Monsters Dunny series by UNCLE Studio

Arriving any day now is this sweet 3" Dunny series by UNCLE Studio: the Misfit Monsters! This crazy series will be for sale on our new UNCLE Studio page on our site. Full reveal once they arrive.
In the meantime, you can follow UNCLE Studio here: