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January 31, 2012

Riker's Island Death Row Inmates custom Dunny series by JC Rivera

"... and so, as punishment for your heinous crimes, I hereby sentence each of you to death by lethal injection. You are remanded to Death Row on Riker's Island to await your executions. Court adjourned."

With the pounding of Judge Gerety's gavel against his desk, the fates of the five criminals were sealed. The prosecuting attorney and the D.A. shook hands as the Inmates were led away in shackles through a door in the front of the courtroom. Reporters screamed a cacophony of questions and flashbulbs went off like strobe lights as the Inmates stepped into the beat-up, white DOC van. The short ride over the bridge to Riker's Island would be the longest ride of their lives. It was over.

The Riker's Island Death Row Inmates custom Dunny series by JC Rivera will be for sale tomorrow, February 1, at 5pm EST. The one-of-a-kind 3" custom Dunnys will be $75 each and you'll be able to find them on our JC Rivera page

We'd like to thank JC for giving us the opportunity to work with him on another exclusive release!

January 30, 2012

7 Robots of the Apocalypse custom Dunny series by Rusted Halo

In 2013, after the world as we know it has ended, these 7 rusted and weathered robots came back online and quickly tooke the credit for the destruction of the planet. 
The latest Tenacious Toys exclusive artist collaboration is this 7-piece series of customs by Rusted Halo. The 7 Robots of the Apocalypse are each one of a kind, hand-crafted custom 3" Dunnys. They're bagged and tagged and each comes with a metal wind-up key at that fits in the back. At only $35 each, you're really going to want to click though to our Rusted Halo page and buy one fast. One already sold. We don't expect them to be in our shop long!

Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro - The Four Horsemen Toy Tokyo Feb 10

Beginning February 10th 2012 at 7pm EST, Four Horsemen Toy Design and TT Underground Gallery in New York City presents Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro - The Four Horsemen's  second gallery show!

The Opening reception of the show begins on Friday night Feb. 10th from 7pm until 10pm.
Saturday Feb. 11th through Wednesday Feb. 15th: 2pm until 7pm.
Featuring special items from the past, present and future of Four Horsemen Toy Design, Futuretro will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Outer Space Men acton figure line with a special edition extremely limited set of Outer Space Men figures re-vamped by the original Outer Space Men creator himself, Mel Birnkrant!

 The Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators series - The Birnkrant Edition figures consists of alternate versions of four of Mel Birnkrant's most famous creations. The set featuring Metalmorpho, Deep Blue Astro-Nautilus, Goldiac and Blazing Inferno will be signed not only by Mr. Birnkrant himself, but also each of the Four Horsemen. Each set of figures will also come with a special edition Outer Space Men print by fan favorite illustrator and frequent Four Horsemen collaborator, Nathan (Baena) Baertsch! Each set is $125.00 at the Futuretro gallery show.

Toy Tokyo Underground
91 Second Avenue, Lower Level
New York, NY 10003

Props to my man Toygodd for letting me know about this show. 
Will probably view this show with him after we hit Toy Fair together.

Rampage Toys Dark Side of the Ugly: preorder on Friday

Dark Side of the Ugly, originally uploaded by

Above is the rainbow-painted sample of the Rampage Toys GID Ulgy Unicorn soft vinyl figure. On Friday, February 3rd, there will be a pre-order for both the painted and blank GID unicorns in the Rampage Toys shop. Painted (with the artwork) are limited to 20 possible pieces (if 20 are ordered that is), and will be $42 each. GID blanks are an open order with no limit and you can order as many as you want - blanks are $28 each. Scheduled delivery is mid to late March.

Pre-orders will be up starting Friday morning (EST) February 3rd, and will stay up until the following Friday (the 10th). Preorder here

Below is the header card artwork by Grizlli Atom for the painted Dark Side of the Ugly figure:

Dark Side of The Ugly - header!

January 29, 2012

Spray Cap Ring & Lego Ring by Amalgam Jewellery

Chris from Creo Design has shared with us that they have delved into producing in another medium: metal! Creo Design has set up a new shop called Amalgam Jewellery, where you can buy both rings pictured.

Creo Design has delved into the cool and funky work of Metal 3D printing - breaking away from the tradition plastic 3D printing normally used. Creo has come up with some cool and funky Jewellery items for guys and gals all 3D printed to order! Since this is a 'Beta' shop i will be creating and uploading super cool jewellery items all the item. These items coming in a range of Metals including:

• Silver & Polished Silver
• Stainless Steel
• Bronze & Antique Bronze
• Gold and Polished Gold
More information on the materials is available on the Amalgam Jewellery Shop on the Shapeways site.

Plus if any fans/readers have any cool suggestions they can contact me and i will do my best to create their idea :)

Currently there is a cool 'nod' to the grandfather of all toys - Lego - with a super cool lego style ring and a super cool spray cap ring.

Contacting Chris from Creo and Amalgam is easy:
Skype: csacreo

Blurble x Rampage Toys Toxic Kaiju Pretty Ugly Unicorn Exclusive

Another Rampage Toys collab: this time with Blurble- 5 psychedelic Ugly Unicorns available at the link above for only $42 each! Painted by Blurble in color change and metallic Monster Kolor paints.

Preorder Crazy Love custom Mini Munnys by B.A.L.D.

B.A.L.D. is now accepting preorders for a Valentine's Day-themed limited series of customs he's calling "Crazy Love." The customs will be composed of Super Sculpey, leather and acrylics.

For those who know, love is crazy and it sometimes breaks you...

The pieces can be preordered here in the CTU store. Only 5 preorder slots available, so if you're going to pick up a special custom for that special someone, act quickly!

The Primrose Path: Luke Chueh & Juan Muniz 2-man show in Vegas

On February second, one of my favorite artists, Luke Chueh, will be teaming up with artist Juan Muniz on a 2-man show at the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. For more info, click here.

January 27, 2012

Legends of MIMOBOT Collection 1: Albert Einstein USB drive

Legends of MIMOBOT Collection 1: introducing the Albert Einstein USB drive by Mimoco!

RAMPAGE x Splurrt Guardian Daemon Cadaver Kids

Hello!, originally uploaded by

I think these were released on Thursday night, Japan time. The Rampage Toys shop says they're sold out. I guess... you can't sleep on Rampage Toys releases. It would be beneficial for you, if you're a fan, to follow the Rampage Toys Flickr account, where WIP projects are posted prior to their release in the shop. Jon's making some seriously crazy-looking toys over there in Japan.

BadApplezInc | Doodle Buds Custom by NemO

Uhh, a 3.5" custom Doodle Budz by NEMO for only $45? That's a steal!

Devillez custom 3-inch Kidrobot Bot by Don P

Don P sends us these images of a recent commission: a 3" Kidrobot Bot he calls Devillez:

I present you Devillez.....he is the devill under the bots. He likes to eat gold dipped in blood. He kills everyone that he doesn't like with his tail.

Sounds like one bad little dude. Check out Don P's shop here.

Taylored Curiosities handmade scented plushes

Penny Taylor of Taylored Curiosities send us these images of her line of small, cute plush figures.

I design and hand make plush toys called Feelings.  Each one has a different personality and is scented to help with various problems that may affect people on an every day basis.  I have a background in Aromatherapy, Psychology and Physiological Science as well as being from a family of tailors, so combining these skills I created this line of plush, which has plenty more to come in the future.  I have had a really positive response from them so far and people are coming back to me and saying that they are in fact making a difference in their lives.

If you're interested in Penny's work, you can find her Curiosities on Etsy, Facebook and her blog.

THUG Stormhammer and Thug-gy

Hey look- a blog post where I don't even have to write anything descriptive, cuz the manufacturer sent a GIANT, complicated graphic in the email! THUG's new Stormhammer looks sweet. 
I bet Kris Dulfer and Matty Boombatty would both like this one. They both seem to enjoy creating figures with drill heads and hands.
Below is the previous release, the Thug-gy sculpt. I guess both are available as DIYs as well. DKE is distributing so all of us retailers have access to these figures. Oddly, despite a plethora of information included in this graphic, SRP is not mentioned.

January 26, 2012

Your Dream Life: reality TV show casting call for aspiring toy designers

Just got an email from a lady named Julie who's looking for possible contestants for an upcoming reality TV show called My Dream Life. The episode in question deals with people who aspire to become professional toy designers. 

She emailed the right guy.

As far as I can tell, most of you reading this have either thought about becoming a toy designer, or you are actively pursuing this goal. So I'm posting this to give you a lead on a show that might help you towards that goal. Here's what she emailed to me:

Hi Tenacious Toys!!

I am currently casting a new TV show called "Your Dream Life" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career. One career in particular that we are looking at is: Toy Designer. I wanted to see if you know of any aspiring toy designers who might be interested in this opportunity - these people should not be currently making their living as toy designers.

This is a great opportunity for people who may be under-qualified for jobs at major toy companies but are still passionate about toy design.

Thanks for any help you're able to provide.

Julie Knapp

(Hey, listen, if Morgan Phillips can work the reality TV industry to his advantage, maybe you can too!)

Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser video by Super7

Dammit, how can Super7 be THIS cool? I mean, this Casket Cruiser, featuring their character Rose Vampire, is one of the coolest toys I've ever seen. Great video too. Screw you Super7 for being so cool. You were probably out behind the gym in a leather jacket, leaning up against your El Camino and smoking with the cool kids before football practice...

Kidrobot Fatcaps Series 3 arriving Jan 27th

Look for Fatcap Series 3 blind boxes and sealed cases for sale in our Kidrobot section on Friday the 27th! This series features designs from: DEVIOUS, Flying Fortress, JPK, Julie West, KaNo, Kronk, MCA, MTN, Pez, Quisp, Queen Andrea, Scribe, SHOK-1 and Sket One. Calling this a super-star roster would be an understatement. The designs look killer. Stoked.

Slime Greads by Dead Hand Toys- preorders Jan 31

Our friend and associate Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys sent down these pictures of his next Gread resin release- the Slime Greads! It looks like he's using a combination of tinted and opaque resins to get the look of the figure emerging from a puddle of slime... pretty bad-ass. 

Here's the info, direct from Brian:

As some of you may have already seen, I've been working on some new Gread figures. This time around, each figure will be sitting in a little pool of "slime". No paint, just resin. Pretty straight forward.

The sale, however, won't be like anything I've done before. For this particular release, the figures will be made to order. You will get to choose from at least a couple colors for the Gread, and several colors for the "slime". I have not decided on final colors yet so you will have to just come by on release day to find out what your options are. I could go with just a few colors for each, or I could get out of hand and give you way more choices than you really need.

On to sale info and pricing: preorders begin on Tuesday, Jan. 31st at noon EST. Price will be $20 each + flat $3 shipping in the US. Bagged with a header card as always.

*NOTE - Photos are of test figures only. As these will be made to order, I can't very well show finished products yet.

January 24, 2012

TMNT Walkabout custom paint by Adam Pratt

Adam Pratt shares with us his repaint of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walkabout figure:

I really enjoy painting up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. The sculpts on them are crisp, and there are many little details that got lost in the original paint schemes (which were garish and neon).
This guy got painted up in a very realistic paint scheme, and I added a bunch of little freehand details that really made the figure pop.
He was painted with acrylics, washes and weathering powder before being given a matte seal. He dried with a tiny amount of shine, and the paint applique looks like it was originally printed on the figure.

You can purchase this figure in his shop here and read more on his blog here. After seeing what this figure originally looked like, straight out of the packaging, I feel like Adam is fighting the good fight. The original colors were an abomination.

The figure was actually disgusting before Adam repainted it. Whew, what a difference!

C-3PO custom Munny by Manly Art

This custom C-3PO 7" Munny by Jason Chalker (Manly Art) is for sale in our shop (lucky us!!!)

Here are the details:

Custom C-3PO KidRobot Munny with light up eyes and motion sensor.
The eyes turn off automatically and are triggered by the motion sensor in the mouth.
The on/off switch is hidden in the panel on his back.
It takes two AA batteries (included). They are behind the disc on the back of his head. The disk twists off (instructions in the packaging).

I'm a Bad Apple Group Show

Not surprisingly, my friends OsirisOrion and NEMO have pulled together an all-star roster of artists for their first online group custom show. Celebrating the launch of their new company Bad Applez, Inc., this show uses apples (plastic apples) as the platform for the customs. 

The show goes live online on February 14th, so you can all attend, no matter where you live! Expect some sick customs. I've been able to see some of them already, and the ones I've seen are all incredibly impressive. Lots of effort and innovation have gone into the pieces. 

In the meantime, check out the Bad Applez site to learn more about their projects.

JuJu the Witch Doctor Clown custom by JFury

This bright, beautiful custom by JFury is based on the recently released 8" Jesse Hernandez Calavera Dunny. A sweet platform, to be sure, but JFury takes it in a new direction with his own psycho clown style... I love it.  I was a little slow on the posting of this one- scooped by both Clutter and SpankyStokes despite having gotten Justin's email before they posted. Sorry Justin! 

Go check out the JFury shop for more sweet customs and commission pricing. 
He'll make a custom just for you!

Conjoined 2 in 3D: The Sequel at CoproGallery

Dead Pope 16" bronze by Chet Zar

This show caught my eye: Conjoined 2 at CoproGallery in Santa Monica, CA. Started January 21st. Click here to go to their site and see more. The above bronze piece by Chet Zar is sick. 
See also: pieces by Ron English, Doktor A, Scott Musgrove, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Dave Pressler. 
Wish I could attend.

We Become Monsters - Series 1 featuring Skelechub and friends (Skelefella, Footlie and Stumple)

The Skelefella! Skelechub's even more flesh-challenged friend!
We Become Monsters - Series 1 featuring Skelechub and friends (Skelefella, Footlie and Stumple)

Designed, sculpted, painted and hand cast in resin and cold cast bronze by Christopher Moore ('fulci zombi' on many toy forums)

NOW ON SALE - 15% off with code 2012die through Feb 1st

Prices range from $18 to $95 before shipping. Shipping in the USA is $6, International varies.

All paint schemes are unique, with the exception of the Green Hell Skelechub, which has 2 units available. DIY blanks also available in small quantities.

Footlie! This ridiculous bastard has a silly grin and huge baby feet
Stumple. No legs, useless arms. Lucky for him he's got 3 eyes, so he can see all the things he wishes he could do.
The Skelechub! A goofy little ghoul with more to love!
We're stoked to have We Become Monsters as one of our first sponsors, so please visit their site and check out all their ghoulish creations!

Rusted Halo 7 Robots of the Apocalypse custom Dunny series

We're stoked to work with Rusted Halo again, selling some of his Dunny customs! The 7 Robots of the Apocalypse will be for sale soon at $35 apiece. These are based on the 3-inch Dunny platform. 
They'll be for sale soon in our Rusted Halo section.

January 23, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Exclusive Riker's Island Death Row Dunny Series by JCRivera

So upon seeing JCRivera's last (and sold out) custom Dunny series with an inmate theme, we contacted him to see if he'd like to make us an exclusive Riker's Island series along the same lines. Riker's is where they take you when you get arrested in NYC... Here's a teaser! JC will be finished with our series next week. For now, you can check out all the sweet JCRivera customs we have in our shop by clicking here.