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November 8, 2011

Geek-centric DENIATH.COM Relaunches Membership-Only Pop Culture Flash Sale Site

New Deals Commence on November 14th, 2011

SEATTLE, WA (November 8, 2011) - After a brief hiatus, Deniath (, a members-only flash sale site for pop-culture and geek collectibles and merchandise has relaunched, announcing new brand partnerships, a big promotional sweepstakes and a revamped blog.

Launched in December 2010, Deniath is a members-only site, offering 72-hour deals on a variety of geek products and services including toys, event deals, board games, video-game related products, comics, and other pop-culture collectibles. CEO and Co-Founder, Wade Sugiyama explains, “We intend to produce the ultimate geek experience by feeding member’s geek obsessions and helping them discover new ones. We believe that our exclusive, 3-day deals are merely the first step in that process.”

Access to Deniath and their 72-hour deals is free, however, it’s only available to Deniath members.   Sugiyama added, “And while membership is exclusive, it isn't designed to keep fans and geeks excluded.  There are a number of ways to become a Deniath member. The quickest and easiest way is to be invited by an existing member. If you can’t find a current member, invite requests are also available on the site, which can take a few days.”

On November 14th, 2011 at 9am PST, Deniath deals will commence and members will be able to start their geek holiday shopping. After previously successful partnerships with Funko, ZipZip, and artists Stephen Silver and David Colman, Deniath’s Fall lineup includes exciting new partnerships with companies like Kotobukiya, Big Bad Toy Store, and artist Imps and Monsters. “We are extremely excited about the brands that we’ve partnered with, and we can’t wait for our members to see the deals we have in store for them.”

Starting today, as part of the relaunch, Deniath has partnered with, the #1 Comic News Source, to host a sweepstakes offering an enormous assortment of prizes. "Newsarama has their hands on the pulse on the comic book community and we're extremely enthusiastic about collectively organizing a sweepstakes of this size and magnitude."

The Deniath Blog has also been revamped, providing interviews, news, and more geek content for all customers. "The blog is an integral piece of the Deniath experience,” added Sugiyama, "and we hope our members enjoy the additional content and deeper look into what Deniath is all about.”

"Deniath will continue to evolve," according to Sugiyama, "with our hopes being that not only will we offer an exciting, new shopping experience specifically tailored for the geek community, but also that we will bring like-minded fans together in a community where they can share their obsessions. November 14th can’t come soon enough!"

Gary Baseman's Toby's Secret Society Mini Figures Unboxing and Review by DesignerToysUK

Dan Byrne of DesignerToysUK reviews some of the Gary Baseman Toby's Secret Society figures by Kidrobot.  Hysterical review. 
Buy your own Baseman figures here
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Rampage Toys Original Ugliness & Army of Brightnesss Ugly Unicorns

"Original Ugliness" Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys
Word from Jon Malmstedt comes to us from far away: he has fallen into a regular routine of releases now that he is living in Japan and making hjis own vinyl toys! Here's his two latest message regarding his next two Ugly Unicorn releases:

Hey Toy People!

Time for another UGLY UNICORN release update!  This time around it's pieces that I painted up for Design Festa in Tokyo on November 12th and 13th (this coming weekend).  I'll be in booth I-300 with Datadub (Don) and Refreshment Aya - both will be selling other AWESOME sofubi toys!  I did 2 runs for the event (one micro, and one slightly larger), and I plan on having quite a few other items (will update the Flickr later this week).  Anything leftover after the event will be available to my Ugly Unicorn Mailing list first (joined by e-mailing me), and any left from that will go in the shop.

Anyway, here are the two runs!

1) "Original Ugliness" micro-run:  The Ugly Unicorn takes his original form!  Mixed parts (yellow and white vinyl) with lots of rub/spray action.  Who needs original sin, when you've got original ugliness?!?!? Micro Run of 5 pieces, outfitted with some of the original header cards (from the blank vinyl pre-order).

2) "Army of Brightness" Ugly Unicorns!  8+ layers of spray/masking, and some super work-intensive screen printed header cards are what you get with each of these figures.  Largest Ugly Unicorn run yet - 10 pieces!

"Army of Brightness" Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys