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October 29, 2011

NYCC Exclusive and Specials, signed production toys and customs

We came back from NYCC with so many cool products, it's taken us WEEKS just to sort through it all and start putting it up on our site in our NYCC section. We're far from finished, but here are a few of the cool things that we have available now:

• Tenacious Exclusive Molezilla
• 5" DIY Jumping Brains
• Ian Ziobrowksi Crook ED the Cop
• several customs by Nerviswr3k
• signed Bellicose Bunny vinyl figures by Nathan Hamill
• our show special: Go Hero Tentikills in Arch Villain Purple
• ThreeA stickers and sticker packs
• JonPaul Kaiser Captain Sturnbrau Pieces of Eight Edition
• Matt Anderson's 18" The Reaver custom Qee
• Kid Smoove, a 16" custom Qee by Nasty Neil
• a 16" custom Qee by OsirisOrion
• a whole collection of different pieces by Dust
• 2.5" Jason Freeny Skelanimals Qees with signed boxes
• custom pumpkies by Valerie Gudell
• Tenacious Exclusive Borrachos by Spanky Stokes

... there is much more, and there will be more items listed every day! Please come back and check our NYCC Exclusives section often!

ThreeA WWRP retailer Heavy Brambles revealed; Sideshow distributing

This is the USA Exclusive NG Defence Heavy Bramble
ThreeA just sent us pics of the upcoming WWRp-sized 7" tall retailer Heavy Brambles. These will be packed evenly in the case: 1 of each of the following to a case: Gravedigger, JEA Marine, Deimos Def, African Def, Cydonia Def and Regional edition.

Along with this, they let us know that Sideshow Collectibles will be handling the distribution, meaning I have to place my order through, communicate with and pay another company in lieu of ThreeA.

ThreeA stated that Sideshow would contact us, and has assured us that this will go smoothly. ThreeA says Sideshow will determine release date and wholesale pricing, which makes me slightly nervous. If Sideshow jacks up the wholesale price, I will have to do the same to your retail pricing.

So, I'm a bit skeptical, since I've never had much luck communicating with Sideshow, but I am hopeful that all will go down as planned. So now we sit and wait for Sideshow to email us.