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September 17, 2011

TEASER: Matt Anderson 16-inch Qee custom for NYCC

Matt Anderson is going to be coming up to New York with a few amazing custom pieces that will knock your socks off. We both agreed we wanted this one to be somewhat of a surprise, so here's all you get for now: this aggravatingly cropped teaser image of a large-scale Toy2R Qee he customized for our NYCC Booth (#876). Matt will be signing alongside Rsin at our booth at 1PM on Friday October 14th.

Just a warning: When you actually see this custom fully revealed, there's a 90% chance you will scream and die immediately.
Also: Matt loves this custom so much that, if you survive the unveiling and you want to buy it, you might actually have to fight him for it in a brutal cage match.

If you want to get the scoop on what Matt's working on, follow his Facebook.

Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive Molezilla by Plaseebo

This is the sweet Tenacious Toys Exclusive Molezilla figure by Bob Conge of Plaseebo Toys. This colorway will be highly limited to 5 pieces! You'll be able to buy the TT Molezilla at NYCC booth 876, where we'll be hosting Bob, Osiris and NEMO in a group signing at 3PM Saturday October 15th. Wait till you see what these guys have been working on together. Talk about a highly concentrated ball of talent. I think our booth is going to explode.


 copyright 2010 Bob Conge

Our story began on the night of January 19th in the year of our lord 2011 in room 17-b of building 5 on the grounds of an animal testing facility located in East Millstone, New Jersey. Here was the henchman firm that did the dirty work for many of the pharmaceutical companies who bring us those all important products to whiten your teeth,  loosen your bowels,  color your lips, get rid of your mucus, and many other goodies that give meaning to our empty lives.

This company has long had a reputation of going beyond the call to inflict unspeakable acts of torture upon our meek and innocent neighbors in the name of " safety for the superior species "  otherwise known as "profit and fear of liability".

The payment for the many decades of the Auschwitz like treatment of animals at this facility came due this night of the 19th. Karma was embodied in a mole that had been injected daily for six months with enormous doses of an experimental growth hormone and radioactive isotopes. A lab assistant found the 10 inch mole lying belly up in his damp and dark cage. Assuming the mole had lost its ability to continue suffering for the good of mankind, he dumped the lifeless yet still warm body in to the cart with the others that made their final escape that night. The cart of fate was left in a dimly lit room at the back of building 5 to await incineration at mornings call.

The call would not come that morning, for the mole was still alive and the full effect of their experiment was about to be realized. As the mole slowly emerged from the drug induced stupor, the growth hormone treatments of the past six months all kicked in at once and he grew to a hight of 50 feet smashing through the skylight into dark of the night. By morning the behemoth had eaten all of the employes, freed the other animals and demolished every  laboratory at the facility.

Today is January 20th and Molezilla is sleeping on his full belly in the comfort of the Holland Tunnel.
The sign above him reads "Stay In Lane For New York"!

Pieces by Dust at Tenacious Toys NYCC booth: RAS, Teddy, Alter Ego

RAS Green Guard figure set by Dust
We're excited to announce that we will be selling a variety of pieces by German artist Dust at our New York Comic Con Booth #876.

Dust creates polyurethane figures that are around 3 inches tall- they're all highly limited in terms of production numbers, and they're all hand painted. Above is a sculpt called RAS, which we have in 4 colorways: regular, Green Guard, Golden Guard and Grey Guard. Below are his two Teddy sculpts, and his Alter Ego sculpt.

You can follow Dust on his website, and in particular you can check out his toy section. He's got apparel up for sale here. He's also got Flickr, Twitter and he's on Facebook.

Teddy 2 set by Dust

Teddy 1 set by Dust

Alter Ego figure by Dust

All of Dust's figures are articulated at the shoulders and are highly detailed. 
Definitely a rare and exciting self-produced group of figures!

RAS regular set by Dust

RAS Golden Guard set by Dust

RAS Grey Guard set by Dust