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August 25, 2011

Emilio Garcia DIY 5-inch Jumping Brains coming soon from Toy2R

The wait is almost over! Soon Toy2R will be releasing the 5-inch DIY Jumping Brains to shops like us! We've already had a ton of requests for these; please email us if you want to purchase a DIY Jumping Brain from us when we get our stock. We need to make sure we order enough to satisfy demand! They'll be $30 to $35 each. 

If you're in LA, you should definitely go check out the Emilio Garcia show at TAG starting in mid-September. Flyer is below:

Big Kev's Geek Stuff Looted; Fundraiser to Get Them Back on Air

Big Kev's Geek Stuff is an awesome radio show with over 230 episodes under their collective belt. The show is run by Kev and Matt, two locals who have been extremely supportive of Tenacious Toys and lots of other local shops and artists that we call friends.

Last month, one of their studios was broken into and all their electronic equipment was stolen, making it impossible for them to create new shows. This sucks. Here's what they had to say:

Earlier today Studio B was broken into. Though it has always been a long running joke of the show, the studio has always been a personal space for myself or Kevin. In this case Studio B was Kevin's home. Along with some personal items of great value, all of the show equipment was stolen. Literally there is next to nothing left aside from the mic stands. Due to this we are sad to announce that the show is suspended. Until such a time as we can replace the equipment and the the lost files, production, etc... there will be no new full episodes of Geek Stuff.

Fortunately, in this business, we all look out for one another, so George Gaspar of Toy Break/October Toys/OMFG/DCon fame is organizing a fundraiser to help fund the re-purchasing of the equipment necessary to run the show. Read more here to get involved. There will be eBay auctions at the end of September. You can donate items to be sold, or bid on the items. Either way, you will be helping.