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August 20, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Matt Anderson 16-inch Chocolate Qeester Bunee

So it took me a few months but I finally acquired the 16" Bunee Qees Matt Anderson wanted to buy (sorry Matt!). Naturally I was expecting him to turn one into an electronic barbarian Bunee that lights up and rotates wildly and throws things at people. 

But Matt loves to keep people on their toes, so he decided to turn the first 16" Bunee into a giant chocolate Easter Bunny, err... Chocolate Qeester Bunee
Satiny milk chocolate finish, creepy evil stare. Yup, it's awesome!  I feel like this little guy is a little pissed off that someone was nibbling on his ear. Can't wait to see this one in person.

FYI in October Matt Anderson will be signing at our NYCC booth alongside Rsin. A signing you won't wanna miss... The Cultyard is where it's at! For us art toys freaks, that is.

Unboxing the ThreeA WWRP retailer Armstrong Monet 0G figure

The ThreeA WWRP Armstrong Monet 0G unboxing and product shots. 7.5" tall, with articulation at the neck, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and EACH AND EVERY JOINT ON EVERY FINGER AND THUMB. And the eyeball. And the rocket exhaust nozzle at the bottom of the backpack. That's roughly 42 points of articulation on a $45 figure. Are you sold yet? Hands-down, the best value in designer toys. Buy yours here.

Above slideshow is from a Picasa web album I've marked as public. Feel free to use any and all images in that album, as long as you credit Tenacious Toys and send some customers our way when you use 'em!

JonPaul Kaiser Mini Qees here in time for NYCC; get yours signed!

We now have in-box images of the upcoming Jon-Paul Kaiser Mini Qees by Toy2R!

First Mate Nathaniel Vigo 5" Mini Qee Mon - The second figure in the "Tales of the Whispering Corsair" saga, this little man practically runs the day to day operations onboard the Corsair. A perfect pairing with the 8" Zombie Pirate (Olaf the Mute) Qee Bear released last year. As the First Mate hits shores, its all in anticipation of the arrival of Captain Sturnbrau, landing in October.

Limited to only 500 pieces- we're accepting preorders now.

The Forgotten 5" Mini Qee Bunee - The first in a new series of characters with a misfit toys mythos. Jon-Paul captures true emotion in this release and it is not to be missed as we prepare for additional figures in this line for 2012.

Also limited to 500 pieces - The Forgotten is a perfect fall release and should satisfy JPK fans and collectors of designer art toys alike. Preorder now!

Make sure to stop by the Tenacious Toys and Toy2R booth at NYCC- we're teaming up this year with celebrate vinyl toy manufacturer Toy2R to slam you in the face with amazing toys.   
Jon-Paul Kaiser WILL be on hand for a signing at our booth:
Booth 876 in the Cultyard

SouthernDrawl JAWS vs PAW custom

Talented and humble customizer SouthernDrawl shares with us this ridiculous custom based on the Coarse Toys PAW figure, easily one of my favorite sculpts! SD does it up right, with weathering, rivets and detailed sculpting which makes other customizers drool... and that's the highest compliment possible! Here's what SD had to say about this piece:

This piece was a commission. I love the dynamic movement of the PAW figure but I was never really sold on the bunny head so I did the only thing a customizer could do, i decapitated it. And it sat headless for a while until I realized that I could reuse the head. and who better to kill a bunny than an apex predator? And so I bulked up the figure even further to accentuate the leg and back musculature. and I added joints- elbow joints, wrist joint, etc. I tried to continue the flow of the figure by adding a curved tail which also helps as a counterweight to the head. With regard to my painting technique, the short answer is sponge painting (I"m giving away the my secret jutsu there LOL). My favorite thing about this piece is that it's inspiring me to do more original sculpting even if it's still customizing on a platform.