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July 16, 2011

COOL SHIT AT SDCC: Scott Tolleson Booth 4836

Scott Tolleson will be putting on a big show at SDCC this year. His booth # is 4836. He'll be debuting his new Lyle Bean plushes, a custom Android series, a third colorway of his awesome Otis and Otto figure sets, the 5" Uncle Argh Mini Qee by Toy2R, and much more! Definitely a booth to hit.

Scott is a cool guy. He just sent me a care package with a toy in it (for me) and some buttons (for you, since I'm a needlephobe). I'm giving away the button packs (2 packs of 5 Scott Tolleson buttons each) pictured below- one each to 2 lucky winners- via a Twitter giveaway:
All ya gotta do to enter is copy the text below and tweet it out to your followers:

I want to win a @MrScottTolleson button pack from @tenacioustoys! #TollesonButtons Pls RT!

On Monday morning I'll use Tweetdeck to see who tweeted that, and I'll use's random number generator to pick 2 lucky winners! You HAVE to be following both us (@tenacioustoys) and Scott Tolleson (@MrScottTolleson) to win, since I'll be DMing you for your shipping address!

COOL SHIT AT SDCC: Tupac Cat by Jay222

Sculptor & painter Jay222 created a 75-piece run of Alex Pardee's "Tupac Cat" character for the Zerofriends booth (#5502) at SDCC. No two are alike, meaning you'll get a completely unique piece. This also means Jay has been worked to the bone and he's probably dead now, or at least has carpal tunnel. Way to go, Alex.

Here's the full details of this release, stolen directly from Alex Pardee's blog:
"IT'S TUPAC CAT, BITCH!" Sculpted & Designed by maniac JAY 222 (who sculpted my MOLAR BEAR, and who will be floating around the convention also so hunt him down), this fun rendition of my TUPAC CAT Character is available in 75 COMPLETELY UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, HAND PAINTED & EMBELLISHED VARIATIONS! No 2 are alike. Some are magical some are gangster, and some are downright SCARY (see the ZOMBIE one in that photo??). Make sure you come around the booth a few times throughout the convention as we will only be putting out a handful of these a day! And as a special bonus, anyone that buys one of these rare gems will get a FREE mini-book by ME and my good friend PHOTOSHOP featuring the adventures of Tupac Cat!
LIMITED TO 75, $70.00 EACH + FREE Mini Book!