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July 14, 2011

SDCC Preview: Titanium the Robot by Tony Montalvo

Tony “Titanium” Montalvo, Sculptor of Keithing's Myth Warriors and the Snackz zipper pull line introduces his new creation... "TITANIUM the Robot"!!! He’s the muscle and the heart behind the whole Titanium toyz line, where Tony designs the Toyz, and TITANIUM builds them! He’s the robot with the heart of titanium, which is an unbreakable metal! 

Tony built TITANIUM the way Frankenstein was built, taking parts from other robots and piecing them together... and it's pretty obvious that Iron Man was an inspiration for this figure! He stands a whopping 12" tall, is all hand casted and painted by Tony “Titanium” Montalvo, and the really cool thing about these is that the eyes and chest plate are glow in the dark. 

This figure will make his debut at SDCC 2011 via ToyQube's booth #4934 in the three colorways, limited to 4 of each and they are priced at $125 each.

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue Greads by Brian Ahlbeck

LYS0L just finished a small run of 8 special, Tenacious Toys Exclusive blue-tint Greads with pearlescent spray. I love LYS0L's Greads, and when I saw that he was testing out different color ideas and putting the images up on his Twitter, I thought it might be a good time to ask him to do a run just for us. 

Release date for our exclusive Greads will be this Saturday, July 16th at 5PM EST. 
Look for them in our Exclusives Section for $15 each. A freaking STEAL for exclusive, handcrafted, handpainted resin. Don't sleep on these!

(No, our blue Greads don't actually glow on their own... this is a fancy shot in a dark studio by LYS0L, using a light source that lights up the tinted resin. Cool shot though!)

Squadt NOZZEL s004 frozn whole up for preorder

The upcoming Squadt NOZZEL s004 [frozn whole] 6" vinyl figure is now up for preorder here
This Squadt, one of my very favorites from Jamungo, comes with:

  • 3 dot patterned arctic parka with fur-lined hood
  • 2 sets of arms
  • removable helmet
  • squocom sMK23 pistol w/ removable laser sight and suppressor
  • sUMP w/ red dot scope