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July 11, 2011

Video coverage of Taipei Toy Festival by Plastic Culture TV

Sweet video coverage of this year's Taipei Toy Fest, which just wrapped up. Video by Plastic Culture TV, shared with me by Eric of Thunderpanda. Video stops briefly to speak with with CI Boys, FUNQ and Babekuhl...
Eric and Thunderpanda had a booth, and they sold out of the Perry the Sea Wanderer figures they brought to the show. Expect to see more Perrys from Thunderpanda soon (they're making 50 pieces). Also, their giant plush Lemi the Space Wanderers were very well received! 
Eric says he ran into the Baroness, Carlos of the Beast Brothers, Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell. Sounds like some of our best and brightest artists were there to represent the Americas... 
Boy, I hope one day I can get over there to Taipei... looks like a lot of fun!

Jon Paul Kaiser 8-inch Olaf the Mute Qee

At right is the Toy2R 8" Olaf the Mute Qee designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser. I just saw this image for the first time in Kevin Winnik's Google Plus stream. Olaf is pictured next to the upcoming First Mate Nathaniel Vigo 5-inch Mini Qee. Nathaniel Vigo will be making his first public appearance at SDCC. Both pirates are crew members on the Whispering Corsair. There's a sweet Captain Sturnbrau figure coming as well, with a pirate hat, hook and pegleg. 
This Whispering Corsair series is shaping up to be AWESOME! 
Will be selling ALL of these JPK Qees so you'll know where to find 'em... Tenacious Toys!

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