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July 8, 2011

ThreeA WWRP Armstrong Mod7 preorders now SOLD OUT

Preorders for ThreeA's WWRP Armstrong Mod 7 now sold out
Well, they're gone, even before they got here. If ya haven't preordered your Armstrong Mod 7 figures from us yet, you missed out! We currently have ONE lonely preorder left for Armstrong Gerry, and a few left each for Floyd and Monet. Don't sleep, folks! If you haven't jumped on the 3A bandwagon yet, you're missing out on the best value for the money in designer toys today: 9 inches of highly articulated, highly detailed vinyl robot mayhem for only $45. Some perspective: an 8" Dunny is $80. An 8" Qee is $65 to $70. And these 9" Armstrongs are only $45. 
We've got a few other assorted ThreeA toys in stock as well, so click here to see everything in one spot.

Smash Tokyo Toys Atomic Bear Tank Mini Qee

Smash Tokyo Toys has revealed their design for the Atomic Bear Tank Mini Qee. This awesome 5" Qee is produced by Toy2R and I think it'll be released at SDCC. Not too much info currently available, but we love Toy2R as well as Smash Tokyo Toys, so we think this is a killer piece. 
Will share more info as it becomes available.