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May 30, 2011

Arts Unknown: New pieces by Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman & Doktor A

Doktor A Bella Delamere: The Casino Affair colorway
The first releases from newcomer Arts Unknown are looking strong, with pieces by Doktor A, Gary Baseman and Frank Kozik. Each piece is vinyl and around 8 inches tall, with a run size of 350 pieces. Each figure you see pictured will also have a randomly inserted chase colorway. No word on how rare those are, or indeed actual pics of the chases, but they'll be in there somewhere for a few lucky people.
Frank Kozik's William, Henry and Reginald set in the Natural colorway
 All 3 figures are slated to be released in Q3 of 2011 (July, Aug or September). Frank Kozik's 3-piece set will be priced at $109.99, and the Baseman and Dok A pieces will be $99.99 each. William, the Rhino in Frank Kozik's set, will have a switch-out cigarette to as an additional accessory (which you can switch out for the pipe).
Gary Baseman's Slugilicious figure in the Green colorway
More info on preordering will be updated in this post later. Feel free to email us if you want to get on our list- no money needs to change hands at this time but your figure can be reserved for you if you wish.

Video Volley: Electronics All-Stars

Matt Anderson customizes toys using electronics and heavy sculpting work. As he progresses, his pieces are diverging more sharply from the platforms they are based on. You can find some of Matt's custom Mini Qees here in our shop. Matt has a website and he's on Facebook.

Evilos shares with us the light-up technology he's employing in his current Tron Legacy-themed customs. This is an Android figure, designed by Andrew Bell for Google. We're going to have him working on a few more pieces, exclusively for our shop. Go check Evilos on his website and Facebook.

And of course, when discussing electronics, the survey would not be complete without mentioning TaskOne, the godfather of creative electronics usage in custom toys. Above video is of Task's piece for the "They Came from the Streets" show and it does not have any electronics, but the sculpting is incredible. Go check out TaskOne's website, Facebook and YouTube for more.
TaskOne 10-inch MadL x Lite Brite piece from 2010