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May 29, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #5

NREAZON custom Mini Kaiju Cupcake
When Jon Malmstedt first came to me with his Mini Kaiju Cupcake custom series idea, the first artist that popped into my head was NREAZON. NREAZON already has a pretty big roster of food characters- her logo is a skull ice cream cone! 
As it turns out, NREAZON took the cupcakes we sent her and sculpted the crap out of them. Each of her cupcake pieces is completely different. Above is one of her customs, veiled with my secret blend of Photoshopped cartoonification. OK, OK, it's not really obscured all that much, considering it's supposed to be "teaser"... but there are 4 other NREAZON pieces that look totally different, so it's really not revealing much!

Stay tuned to this blog next week when we'll reveal the ratio info and more clear images of NREAZON's custom Cupcakes, as well as the other 4 artists' work.

Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos

Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos
Mental note: keep tabs on Christopher Avalos. This Burbank resident works in the film industry and picked up a few DIY Androids from us a while back. All of a sudden, some sick custom Androids start popping up on his Facebook page. Coincidence? I think not. We have some talented clients! 
Excited to see more work from Evilos. FYI he's @EvilosArt on Twitter.
Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos (WIP)